These 2 decks are driving me crazy, help PLEASE!!!

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B/R zombies... Main concern is lands and vexing devil's synergy(thinkin of vex sacrifice to blood artist to brimstone morbid to chandra -2)/usefullness, Remove cavern of souls for mountain or swamp maybe aswell?(been playtesting seems alright but i swear the shuffling on online play test things is wack) Lots of problems if i get no land cavern right away. May up the total lands.

Creature (22)

Sorcery (4)

Artifact (2)

Sideboard (15)

B/U zombies... Main concern creature overload? (do i need less creatures more spells) Again cavern of souls with 3 creature types work or should i be taking them out? Also alot of possibilites with this one as i have all those cards already minus the cavern of souls. (play tested its Really solid to what i have played against but there isnt much variety that being said)

Only had 1 case of land screw for the first few turns but i had alot of geralfs that hand and got unlucky with gravecrawler/diregraf captain.

Creature (26)

Artifact (3)

Oh yeah the B/R avg cmc is 1.84 and the B/U is 1.77
B/R; I would say your land base is fine for the mana curve, if an instance like that, just mulligan. If the problem continues, look into replacing 1 of your Devils with a Mountain/Swamp. Also, Alter's Reap would work better here for draw power and Blood Artist, just something to consider.