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Here is my version of naya pod. I dont really have the funds to run x2 Bonfire of the Damned Cavern of Souls or Restroation Angel so this is the best I can do. Its not doing as well as I wanted it to so I'm coming here for help.

Did a bit of play testing with it against a Zombie Pod deck and was geting used to it. looking for upgrades for the deck. also looking and help in the sideboard area. The decks played around here are Delver, Other Pod (Rug/Zombie/Naya) and a random top deck thats doing well at bigger tournaments (Mono-green, UG infect, Elf Wave) Thanks for any help
Daybreak Ranger is a great way to deal with Delver and as you're running Naya Pod, if it flips, you can take advantage of it's other side. I would sideboard Ancient Grudge for other Pod decks to deal with their ability to Pod into an Elesh Norn of their own. Whipflare is a decent budget substitute  for Bonfire of the Damned. Thragtusk is a game killer in this deck against aggro decks or spot removal. 
This is the deck I ran with for the FNM last week


I went 2-2 (5-5) for that day. Match ups were
R/U Delver 1-2 (topdeck bonfire for the sweep and win)
Mono-Green infect 2-1
BUW Junkwalker (I think) 2-0
BUG Zombie Pod 0-2

I feel good with how the deck runs. its clunky at times and I've even had to mully to 5 and keep with a subpar hand. any suggestions to help out would be awesome
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