[DC] Mis-aligned boarders to squares when map assembled. How do you play?

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I have noticed that the lines bordering the squares can be mis-aligned by upto 2mm when I assemble the pieces for the game.  This is apparent when the pieces from the Lolth set interlock with those from  Comyr set.

How do you get round this?  This is important considering sight lines need to bemeasured between squares.

What makes the situation difficult is that there is not a single map that can be converted into a simple line drawing with symbol for terrain ... I believe there are 96 combinations of the dungeon side of the current sets without duplicating a piece.

Is it possibl for simple line drawings of each map piece, to be assembled when required?
Can you post a picture of the problem? I'm having trouble understanding what you mean.

Here's a piccy.  There are two problems:

1) there are two horizontal lines between the two rows of squares,

2) the vertical lines between the columns of squares are not aligned.  This is even with me attempting to align them and having a lovely "S" shaped gap on the map.

Do you play as seen?       

Yes, Yes I do.  I hadn't even noticed until you just said something. The easiest solution is probably to just recreate the map on graph paper if you and another player have a disagreement.  If he isn't satisfied with that use 4 blocks on the graph paper to represent one on the tile to be more accurate.

You could try your luck with sandpaper, but my advice would be to just ignore it, as any repair would run the risk of hurting the tiles.