8/23/2012 PR: "Zombies Rising (to Tier One)"

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This thread is for discussion of this week's Perilous Realms, which goes live Thursday morning on magicthegathering.com.
Pyromancer Storm is certainly the best combo deck in Modern, but I wonder just how good it is. I'd need to see win-rate statistics, since by virtue of it being the only competitive Modern deck you can assemble for only about $50 online, it may be somewhat overplayed and get enough 4-0 representatives partially by virtue of being played so much online. If there was a way to see what percent of Pyromancer decks which enter a tourny go 4-0, versus other archetypes, that would be great.
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Are we sure Pyromancer combo is the best deck? Pretty sure the 2 or 3 varients of the Kiki-Jiki combo (Kiki-Twin and Pod being the big ones) are the forces to be reckoned.

Why not showcase the Guile Control deck? I've not even heard of that deck yet and I'd love to see what it plays... instead the featured decklist is the carbon-copy storm list every person who has seen Modern storm knows. I know JVL has a soft spot for Pyromancer's Ascension (I remember Zendikar standard) but please it's not headline news.
I like Zombies. It's an even better matchup for my Tempered Steel deck than Delver. It's also great to see control decks relying on that many Whipflares as sweepers.

Seriously folks, it's a great time to play Tempered Steel. :D
Whoa, whoa, hold up. Dryad Delver? I want to see that list.

Edit: Oh, there's a Dryad Delver list in today's Top Decks. Problem solved. 

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Is it really that hard to post a link to the lists that you showcase but don't talk about?

For example, I hadn't heard of that Guile deck that was first in the list, and it took me four or five minutes to find it. Here it is in case anyone else was interested:
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