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Anyone have suggestions for good trade binders? I haven't had one since the Pokemon days, but I definitely remember there being a difference between high quality and low quality binders.
I kind of like the Monster binders.  Though they are a bit expensive.
Personally, I've had a lot of luck with buying the ultra pro loose pages, and fitting them into off-the-shelf office binders. Cheap, and works well. Just remember to check page against binder before buying :P
I am a huge fan of these

They side-load so they don't fall out, and they have an extra little perferated strip at the end to keep the card in the innermost column from bending. 
I use a basic office binder with a flat edge. Hold a ton of pages worth of cards. Then when I close it up just make sure your not pinching any cards at the back. Which I have yet to do since I have tons of extra pages.
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