The Flamelord - The Primordial-Touched Warlord PEACH

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Here is a class that a player is running in my homebrew campaign. I came up with the concept when my own Dragonborn Warlord MC-Sorcerer was just not packing the heat like I thought he should. The idea is inspired by figures like Ike from Fire Emblem, and General Sherman and his March to the Sea.

Flamelord (Warlord): When the dimensional bindings on the world are weak, and the primordials try to break to freedom in the mortal plane, some of their power seeps through. When fire-energy finds its way into the heart of mortal, he is filled with the will to conquer and the flames to destroy all in his path. A flamelord is the perfect, if unintentional, tool of the primordials - a warrior-king to exhibit the power of inferno. Some flamelords use their powers to rid the land of evil, others give in to their elemental guardians. Others still use the fire for themselves, to become the overlord who guides with the torch of tyrrany. Where many mortals find themselves caught in the rip-currents of war, you command command its tide. How will you use your power?

Design notes: The flamelord is based off the warpriest, but is a sub-class of the warlord. Most of its powers are reflavored cleric powers and features. It does not get the versatility of channel divinity, but benefits from the warlord's weapon and armor proficiencies. The PDF has almost no flavor in it... and that is okay with me. Do what you want with the flamelord, and if you want campaign ideas, let me know!

So please feel free to download, read, critique, and playtest! And please also check out my Duskblade thread to find a 4e version of the 3.5 class that channels magic into their weapons!
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