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What are some good rare heroic tier items for a dwarf STR battle cleric with a secondary of striker? I'm trying to put together a wish list and nothing beyond prayer beads really jumps out at me.
Well what campaign setting?  Because honestly the only non-setting item that springs to mind is a Dwarven Throwing warhammer.  It's ok, and honestly it's a nice little small range attack sometimes when you're not quite going to get to the target, but you are proficient, it's 1d10, and it's pretty nice.  Other than that?  I dunno, maybe do a search for Delzoun in the items section and see what pops up.
A quick search of rare heroic items in the Compendium doesn't turn up much of interest from what I could see.

Belt of Dwarvenkind is certainly thematic, but it's not at the power level of a rare item.

Mark of Six Fingers could be decent for a couple rerolls per day (if you roll a 1).

Eyes of Charming is good for a daily, stat-independent dominate.

I'm not sure the Compendium is up to date, but that's all I see in there that might be worthwhile.  I feel like there are more weapons than what is showing up though.
Thanks for the input, but, alas, it has only confirmed my suspicions. There is no absolute need that this character have a rare item in heroic tier, of course, but somewhere in the guidelines there is the suggestion that 1 rare item/tier is appropriate. Such a shame, then, that there really isn't anything that fits the bill for this character.
Gauntlets of Ogre Power? They aren't super amazing...but better than a slap in the face.
Dice of Auspicious Fortune?
You know, you wouldn't actually be bad off with the Necklace of Prayer Beads. It's a pretty darn nice holy symbol.

If you're willing and able to get your hands on a Githyanki Silver weapon (or if you happen to favor psychic powers, of which I know Clerics have a few), a Headband of Intellect would be a boring-but-effective bonus to hit.
Not sure if your DM allows custom items but a Entangling Beard Boon could be amusing.
  I got 97 results when I did a no-keyword search for items, with level 1 to level 10 and "rare" as the only stipulations.

  Of those, it looks like there are about a dozen artifacts and a dozen "alternative reward" entries, along with half a dozen "consumables", which you probably aren't after.

  "Weapon of Disruption" is a fairly iconic smashy-cleric weapon, but failing that, there are a bunch of other rare weapons that might suit the character's theme, most of which come from either MME or Dragon/Dungeon.

  The "Necklace of Prayer Beads" appears to be the only holy symbol implement.

  The "Helm of Seven Deaths" (MME) would be a suitable head-slot item.

  "Boots of Leaping" (MME) could help with your (probably) limited mobility as a dwarf cleric.

  There are a number of other things that could provide useful utility, but they aren't really character-type specific (Map of Unseen Lands, etc).
Kord's Relentlessness is a pretty awesome boon, but the fighter in the party (an actual worshipper of Kord, unlike my dwarf cleric of Moradin) already has it on his list. Of course, there's nothing preventing us both from receiving it (deity notwithstanding).

I had looked at the the helm at one point, but with fresh eyes it looks even more appealing. The boots, however, are especially appealing, especially as I'm contemplating some monk multiclass action.

Thanks for the helpful suggestions! 
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