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After the latest update, I've been unable to access any DDI subscriber-only content, or use any of the DDI tools such as the Character Builder and the Compendium.  I have an active account, and I even went in and did a manual renewal, losing about 4 days off of my existing subscription, just in case it was a bug in the auto-renew system.  I've already tried the usual "clear cache and cookies" trick, and tried on multiple computers with multiple browser versions.  Customer service is currently unresponsive.

Anyone else having similar issues with their subscription?
Definitely having the same issue and I thought I was alone. Basically my account is good but I can't access any subscriber-only content.

Game this afternoon! I'm wiggin' out!


Edit: Just talked to a couple of people online who have access, so it's not a universal thing.
Same issue here. I made sure to verify my subscription and I am good through May next year. Luckily, we do not play until Friday, so I hope they have the issue resolved well before then.

I just got a reply back from Customer Service (which was really quick, actually). They suggested I try again and I am now able to log in and access subscriber content.

Having the same problem. Glad to see I'm not the only one, and hopefully they get a universal fix for it.
I would recommend contacting customer service right away for anyone having this issue, they solved it for me within 2 hours of my request, so top notch service really.

I sent an email to dndinsider@wizards.com... not sure if that's the right place. I sent them an email before and never heard anything back.
I used the Customer Service link at the bottom of the page under "Corporate", in case that helps.

Haven't heard back yet, even checked the dark pit of evil that is my Spam folder, all I got is a sudden urge to buy pills and chat with singles... o.O

However, it does seem to be working for me now, so I'm happy.  I'll be even happier if they can give me back the 4 days from my early subscription renewal.
I went through a similar issue earlier this year (june/july). Whatever you do/they tell you to do, don't make mulitple attempts to subscribe. The issue had something to do with their account data for me on their end (though they said it was my banks fault at first) and they gave me no fix time for it, then 3 months later (this august) it magically fixed itself but with no warning and I had 1 9.95 sub and 3 23.85 subs all go through. It got cleared up in about a week and I got my money back, but a word of warning.
I've had the same problem for the past few days...have emailed Customer Service and submitted a Help request to no avail.  No response yet.
Yep - same problem here. Resubscribed last month and went to go in tonight and found I can't access anything that is subscriber only. It's probably a week or so since I last went in.

I've e-mailed for help. Hopefully this is fixed quickly, I need to create a new character after a tragic and unexpected death in the Tomb of Horrors. 
Same problem and no reply from Customer Service after 17 hours, unimpressed.

I have a yearly renewal due next month and I'm starting to wonder if this DDI account is worth the hassle. This is the second time I've had an issue with DDI an a NULL response from Wizards. 
Looking at several of you that are posting here I noctice that you do not have the DDi Dragon Icon under your picture.  Until it shows there and on your profile on your account you will not be able to access the content.
Yes. I had it until this week. I should still have it. According to the accounts page I'm paid up to mid-September.
Same here. I've e-mailed them twice with no repsonse. I'm paid up through the end of the year. EXTREMELY frustrating.
Contacting Digital River got a response... they won't do anything relating to DDI but they indicated they've been getting a lot of people with the same problem over the last few days and they've been giving telling people to call 1-800-324-6496. I've had no luck so far...

But Digital River indicated the problem is on Wizards side. I've still had no response from Wizards.
After two calls this is now resolved. Anyone else having this issue should call the 1-800 number posted above. After getting through the second time it took only a few minutes to get this resolved.
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