Mono Green Infect [MGI]

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4-0 in Standard Daily #4213117 on 08/19/2012

Stjepan Sučić
World Magic Cup 2012 - Top 8 Team Constructed
13 Forest
4 Cathedral of War
4 Inkmoth Nexus

4 Glistener Elf
4 Ichorclaw Myr
1 Blight Mamba
1 Viridian Corrupter

4 Mutagenic Growth
4 Titanic Growth
4 Wild Defiance
4 Apostle's Blessing
4 Gut Shot
3 Mental Misstep
4 Rancor
2 Green Sun's Zenith

1 Mental Misstep
3 Spellskite
3 Viridian Corrupter
1 Blight Mamba
4 Dismember
1 Melira, Sylvok Outcast
2 Beast Within

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Feel free to discuss everything Green based infect here.
2:25 PM sneakattackkid: my basics are worth more... 5:21 PM Nighthavk_: I was splitting more 8-4s than a hooker splits her legs. 11:42 PM Nighthavk_: because honestly, your opponent may be caw, but he'll probably be a drooling idiot who just found out porn exists.
This is my take on a fast infect deck it is green/artifact. I am just looking for cards to put into my sideboard, the deck itself runs great. There is a standard tourney today and am looking for any suggestions thanks in advance. I arleady have some cards in mind like Melira, Sylvok Outcast , Dismember , Spellskite but am stuck on any others to add to the sideboard.


19 Forest
  4 Inkmoth Nexus


  4 Corpse Cur
  4 Glistener Elf
  3 Ichorclaw Myr
  4 Necropede
  4 Plague Myr


  2 Livewire Lash
  2 Mortarpod


  3 Mirran Mettle
  3 Mutagenic Growth
  4 Rancor
  4 Wild Defiance
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