Running Blingdenstone

I'm looking at running the new adventure, but have a question about level. I'm going to have players make characters - what level is appropriate for the adventure? It usually says in the intro - but not this time.  I realize I could use the guidelines on creating encounters to judge what level challenge they represent, but I figure that's already been done by whoever wrote this - if I wanted to do the math I'd run my own adventure.

Reading over it I decided that when my players start Blingdenstone I'm going to have them completely reroll new level 1 characters.  A lot of the encounters consist of groups of just a few kobolds or a single gelatinous cube.  some of the harder encounters seem to be a pack of orcs which puts them at a level 3 or 4 encounter.  I figure the numbers are set to have the group start at level 1 or 2 and level them up very fast so that they are 4-5 by the end of the adventure.
If you skip the orcs until 2nd level you should be okay.  Orcs at 1st level was an quisinart moment for the party in our game.
It says it's designed for players to level up 1-5, so I figure starting at one is fine. In fact that's what my players are doing. Though I'll be making sure to do things that will allow wipes on the tough chapters, since they can be done in any order. Quick investigation will let the players know that the orcs are far too much to handle. Talk from the deep gnomes lets them know that the haunted center is too scary for the entire town to handle... Etc.
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