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We've all built a deck that we imbued ourselves into and take a lot of pride in playing. I like to call these decks our "signiture decks" because they're the decks that we are known for, our favorite decks to play that we put a bit of ourselves into. I would like to see the deck list of you're top/signiture deck currently  

If you'd like, talk a bit about why it's your "signiture deck" I would love to see some creative ideas!!!! 
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You are Red/Blue!
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B/r zombies is my playstyle distilled down to an amazing type 2 deck.
BW tokens and BR in general are always things I am a huge fan of. they fit my playstyle, instill fear, pain, and death. Party-dance style dweeb!
I wish I still had the decklist, but waaaaay back when, like Ice Age when, I had a BR Burn deck that I was eventually not allowed to play anymore.
It had gems like Soul Burn, Disintegrate, Fireball, Lightning Bolt, Dark Ritual, Sol Ring, etc...

Since then, I alwas have some kind of Burn deck active and playable. Sometimes my friends still grumble when I mention it. Laughing

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Catotheyounger wrote:
Back when I was in high school, I used to write little quotes on the whiteboard of my chemistry class, little, funny things that I'd made up and attributed to an anonymous author. Just tiny things I found amusing. Some time near the end of the year, a substitute teacher came in, read it, and told us a quote she had heard from a 13 year old girl. I don't remember what it was, but the quote sounded deep and philosophical. Then I actually thought about it. I realized that the quote was actually meaningless, but simply couched in the language of philosophy and depth. And that's what your post is. It is meaningless bull**** that you said in such a way as to make it seem sophisticated. But just as a lab coat doesn't make you a scientist, language won't make you a philosopher. Only love of wisdom will. And until then, you will always remind me of a nameless 13 year old girl.
This is my mono merfolk deck I named Merfolk Kingdom. It's a deck that abuses Islandwalk and my reliable merfolk tribe. If you were EVER to know me via Magic: the Gathering deck, know me by this deck list right here

Creatures (20)

4x Silvergill Adept
4x Lord of Atlantis
4x Master of the Pearl Trident
4x Merrow Reejerey
4x Merfolk Sovereign
Spells (18)
4x Aquitect's Will
4x Ponder
4x Mana Leak
4x Deprive
4x Merrow Commerce
Lands (22)
4x Halimar Depths
18x Island
Sideboard (8)
4x Boomerang
4x Redirect

Mana Curve: 1-cost (8), 2-cost (22), 3-cost (8)
Mana Cost Average: 2.00
Mana Symbols: 58-Total
I've slowly become quite a fan of B/G decks.  I always tend to play this deck and am known for it, and it has done quite well against tier 1/2 decks in standard (trying to convert it to modern soon...). Also just noticed that almost all my decks have black in it. huh.

3x Glissa, the Traitor
2x Perilous myr
2x Massacre Wurm
1x acidic slime
2x phyrexian metamorph
4x Rune-Scarred Demon
4x Solemn Simulacrum
3x Viridian Emissary
1x Wurmcoil Engine

Sorcery: 5
2x black sun's zenith
1x green sun's zenith
2x Sever the Bloodline

Artifact: 1
1x nihil spellbomb

Instant: 4
4x tragic slip

Enchantment: 6
4x Heartless Summoning
2x Abundant Growth

Land: 23
9x forest
10x swamp[c]4x [c]woodland cemetery

2x Surgical Extraction
1x Creeping Renaissance
2x Memoricide
1x nihil spellbomb
2x Sever the Bloodline
2x Rachet bomb
2x sylvok replica
2x beast within
1x black sun's zenith

basically heartless summoning, artifact recursion w/ glissa (her and nihil and/or perilous is great), runescarred-meta-rune-meta-answer as well. sideboard- exile threats and anti aggro
I've loved Elementals ever since I saw Ball Lightning - something about their raw energy just appeals to me. But after maturing as a Magic player, I like to play slower, more controllish decks with lots of options and answers. So my Flamekin Harbinger toolbox deck is basically all my dreams come true.

Embrace imagination.

Lord of YMtC | Ten Rounds Contest Winner

Solphos – A fan set with a 'combo matters' theme

Fool's Gold – The second set of the Solphos block

I've loved Elementals ever since I saw Ball Lightning - something about their raw energy just appeals to me. But after maturing as a Magic player, I like to play slower, more controllish decks with lots of options and answers. So my Flamekin Harbinger toolbox deck is basically all my dreams come true.

Aside for my love of merfolk, I too love elemental :D I think they just look awesome and they have an almost imbued ability depending on the color they are from.
The deck that everyone thinks of when they look at me is Cheeri0s Combo, because I play it constantly and it fits my personality perfectly.

The decks that I'm known for making in my playgroup are Kitten Bubbles (Tezzeret Control), 5-Color Xerox (Control deck with 16 lands), and Dredge Storm. 
Etiamnunc sto, etiamsi caelum ruat.
I'm all about the Thallid Salad... but I guess that's all moldy now.
I'm currently in the process of rennovating it, but I've got a B/R Vampires deck that is baisicly my go-to deck nowadays. I'm not going to post the list until I make my planned improvements, though, but still it's my favorite.
Thank you Blitzschnell for the awesome banner!
OP's deck needs more aether vials.
(and standstills)
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57817638 wrote:
I like storm crow because I really like crows in real life, as an animal, and the card isn't terribly stupid, but packs a good deal of nostalgia and also a chunck of the game's history. So it's perhaps one of the cards I have most affection to, but not because "lol storm crow is bad hurr hurr durr".
Listen to my SoundCloud while you read my signature. The Island, Come And See, The Landlord's Daughter, You'll Not Feel The Drowning - The Decemberists by vimschy IMAGE( IMAGE(
56747598 wrote:
57295478 wrote:
Although I do assume you deliberately refer to them (DCI) as The Grand Imperial Convocation of Evil just for the purposes of making them sound like an ancient and terrible conspiracy.
Now, now. 1994 doesn't quite qualify as "ancient".
56734518 wrote:
Oh, it's a brilliant plan. You see, Bolas was travelling through shadowmoor, causing trouble, when he saw a Wickerbough Elder with its stylin' dead scarecrow hat. Now, Bolas being Bolas took the awesome hat and he put it on his head, but even with all his titanic powers of magic he couldn't make it fit. He grabbed some more scarecrows, but then a little kithkin girl asked if he was trying to build a toupee. "BY ALL THE POWERS IN THE MULTIVERSE!" he roared, "I WILL HAVE A HAT WORTHY OF MY GLORY." and so he went through his Dark Lore of Doom (tm) looking for something he could make into a hat that would look as stylish on him as a scarecrow does on a treefolk. He thought about the Phyrexians, but they were covered in goopy oil that would make his nonexistant hair greasy. He Tried out angels for a while but they didn't sit quite right. Then, he looked under "e" (because in the Elder Draconic alphabet, "e" for Eldrazi is right next to "h" for Hat) in his Dark Lore of Doom and saw depictions of the Eldrazi, and all their forms. "THIS SHALL BE MY HAT!" he declared, poking a picture of Emrakul, "AND WITH IT I WILL USHER IN A NEW AGE OF DARKNESS -- ER, I MEAN A NEW AGE OF FASHION!" And so Nicol Bolas masterminded the release of the Eldrazi.
57864098 wrote:
Rhox War Monk just flips pancakes, and if games have told us anything, it's that food = life.
56747598 wrote:
76973988 wrote:
This thread has gotten creepy. XP
Really? Really? The last couple days have been roughly every perverse fetish imaginable, but it only got "creepy" when speculation on Mother of Runes's mob affiliation came up?
76672808 wrote:
57864098 wrote:
57531048 wrote:
Nice mana base. Not really.
Yeah, really. If my deck was going to cost $1000+, I'd at least make it good.
99812049 wrote:
I like to think up what I consider clever names for my decks, only later to be laughed at by my wife. It kills me a little on the inside, but thats what marriage is about.
56816728 wrote:
56854588 wrote:
Of course, the best use [of tolaria west] is transmuting for the real Tolaria. ;)
Absolutely. I used to loose to my buddy's Banding deck for ages, it was then that I found out about Tolaria, and I was finally able win my first game.
70246459 wrote:
WOAH wait wait wait
56957928 wrote:
You know, being shallow and jusdgmental aside, "I later found out that Jon infiltrated his way into OKCupid dates with at least two other people"
56957928 wrote:
"I later found out that Jon infiltrated his way into OKCupid dates with at least two other people"
56957928 wrote:
Jon infiltrated his way into OKCupid dates
56957928 wrote:
109874309 wrote:
The only way I'd cast this card is into a bonfire.
82032421 wrote:
The short answer is that there's no rule barring annoying people from posting, but there a rule barring us from harassing them about it.
56747598 wrote:
Browbeat is a card that is an appropriate deck choice when there's no better idea available. "No better idea available" was pretty much the running theme of Odyssey era.
56874518 wrote:
Or perhaps it was a more straightforward comment indicating a wish for you to be bitten (Perhaps repeatedly) by a small yet highly venomous arachnid.
70246459 wrote:
58280208 wrote:
You're an idiot, and I'm in no mood for silliness.
57817638 wrote:
57145078 wrote:
You just... Vektor it.
That's the answer to everything.
70246459 wrote:
58347268 wrote:
I think the problem is that you don't exist.
This would sound great out of context!
56965458 wrote:
Modern is like playing a new tournament every time : you build a deck, you win with it, don't bother keeping it. Just build another, its key pieces will get banned.
57864098 wrote:
57309598 wrote:
I specifically remember posting a thread when I was just a witty bitty noob.
You make it sound like that's still not the case.
58325628 wrote:
Rap is what happens when the c from crap is taken away.
Doug Beyer:
But sometimes it's also challenging. Because sometimes OH MY GOD, WHAT THE HELL IS THIS THING?
141434757 wrote:
Flashforward five thousand years (Click for atmosphere) :
57927608 wrote:
to paraphrase Jeff Goldblum, Vektor finds a way.
58347268 wrote:
when in rome **** AND PILLAGE
143229641 wrote:
I always find it helpful when im angry to dress up in an owl costume and rub pennies all over my body in front of a full body mirror next to the window.
Playing Magic without Blue is like sleeping without any sheets or blankets. You can do it...but why?
Me: "I love the moment when a control deck stabilizes. It feels so... right." Omega137: "I like the life drop part until you get there, it's the MtG variant of bungee jumping"
Just do it like Yu-Gi-Oh or monkeys: throw all the crap you got at them and hope it works or else the by-standers (or opponents) just get dirty and pissed.
57471038 wrote:
58258708 wrote:
It's true that Alpha and Beta didn't contain any cards like Tarmogoyf, Darksteel Colossus, or Platinum Angel. It just contained weak, insignificant cards like Black Lotus, Mox Sapphire, and Time Walk.
Normally it's difficult to pick up on your jokes/sarcasm. But this one's pretty much out there. Good progress. You have moved up to Humanoid. You'll be Human in no time.
91893448 wrote:
94618431 wrote:
I didn't know Samurai were known to be able to cut down whole armies...
They can when they're using lightsabers!
57129358 wrote:
97980259 wrote:
My wife brought home a baby black squirrel they found on a horse track and cared for it for a few days. We named it Grixis, but it died.
Unearth it!
70246459 wrote:
[/spoiler] And I'm on Magic Arcana. How about you? Oh, by the way, I'm also on From the Lab now. Twice, actually. And now with my own submited decklist!
The Big Deck, which has been around long before the M13 reprint made people want to hop on the Battle bandwagon.

Well, some of mine include a deck that uses Dega Sanctuary with Yawgmoth's Bargain; a Parallax Wave/Opalescence combo, and a BW Humans deck. I also like to turn simple removal cards into Vindicates.

139359831 wrote:
Clever deduction Watson! Maybe you can explain why Supergirl is trying to kill me.
---- Autocard is your friend. Lightning Bolt = Lightning Bolt
Me, I'm known for misusing banned/ante cards and Island Fish Jasconius. Good times.
Sadly, it would be Mono-Black infect, and The Mimeoplasm
Decks I run
I currently run a deck for Standard, Modern, Commander and Legacy. For standard, I have a typical, horribly budget Rakdos Deck Wins. For Modern, I have a B/G/U/W Draw-go Reanimator featuring my favorite creature, Wurmcoil Engine. For Legacy, I'm trying too hard to break Pyromancer Ascension. I also run a Naya Zoo with all the oldies. For Commander/EDH, I'm running The Mimeoplasm. A little morals thing about me, I like winning through combos, but not infinitely. However quiet, I am a Christian, so feel free to tell me you are too, it's always a relief.
How to be saved?
Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and you shall be saved and your house. Book of Acts 16:31
I'd say my favorite to play is my creatureless Burning Vengeance deck.
I don't have the decklists any more, but there were two I was proud of. My own build of 5 color control. Used walkers and Obelisk of Alara. The second was an Esper deck that I built just to make Etherwrought Page  and Punish Ignoranceseem dangerous. I thought it was pretty successful, once had a red burn deck sitting at three life and nothing on the board. I just showed him the PI and laughed...


For me it would be my "People of WalMart" deck which uses white humans with metalcraft abilities combined with cheap equipment like sharpened pitchfork and butcher's cleaver which give extra bennies to humans.

also, the deck gave me a use for all the darksteel relic cards clogging my binder.
My signature deck would have to be my mono-blue 'n artifact benign Proliferater. I don't play it often because it's slow as molasses, but when it gets going it's a joy to play. It doesn't run nearly enough land, and maybe someday I'll want to play it more regularly and I'll fix that, but so far I haven't had the heart to cut out any of the other cards in it.

Disclaimer: I play casually, as in for fun, like the kind with Doritos and shenanigans.
I used to be known for my annoying bounce deck with Warped Devotion and Wash Out. When I got back into magic I wanted to revisit something similar to that. This is my "Mind Decay" decklist. This is all very budget, and not very optimized. See disclaimer.

Lands - 24
3 Akoum Refuge
4 Crumbling Necropolis
8 Island
2 Jwar Isle Refuge
7 Swamp

Creatures - 12
4 Ravenous Rats       I have a soft spot for 'em.
4 Augur of Skulls
4 Liliana's Specter

Sorcerys/Instants - 20
2 Blightning                Run it everywhere I say.
4 Consult the Necrosages
3 Deny Reality
4 Recoil                     Old staple and favorite of mine.
4 Rise // Fall              Fall is similar to Hymn but nicer. Though I still have my Hymns.
3 Urza's Guilt             Another staple of mine, and longtime favorite.

Enchantments - 4
4 Liliana's Caress      We had Megrim in my day, and we liked it!

57170298 wrote:
Borrowing the East Wind (P3) - Haha, it's like Hurricane but for horsemanship? That makes hilariously little sense. "Oh man, the wind is so much worse up on this horse."
57044478 wrote:
Jon Finkel can win a Magic tournament with a ham sandwich. That doesn't mean ham sandwiches are now the metagame breaker.
97820278 wrote:
Koth: I'm the first viable red planeswalker. Who are you? Tibalt: I'm a two-mana red planeswalker. Koth: I'm the last viable red planeswalker.
Don't like to be that guy, but necro this thread, FOR SCIENCE!
57170298 wrote:
Borrowing the East Wind (P3) - Haha, it's like Hurricane but for horsemanship? That makes hilariously little sense. "Oh man, the wind is so much worse up on this horse."
57044478 wrote:
Jon Finkel can win a Magic tournament with a ham sandwich. That doesn't mean ham sandwiches are now the metagame breaker.
97820278 wrote:
Koth: I'm the first viable red planeswalker. Who are you? Tibalt: I'm a two-mana red planeswalker. Koth: I'm the last viable red planeswalker.
192884403 wrote:
56965458 wrote:
97820278 wrote:
56965458 wrote:
97820278 wrote:
Ceci n'est pas une pipe.
This definitely doesn't mean what you think it means.
I was referring to the painting The Treachery of Images.
I know.
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