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I have been trying to locate any kind of lore, information, or even hints about Phoenix in D&D/ Forgotten Realms. I know that there is an attack called Phoenix fire, tho other than that I have not been able to find anything on them. 

What kind of magic do they hold, has there been any writers that have had one play a role in their writing? Anything would be greatly appriated.  
Look in Planes of Chaos has info about a dead phoenix god

they are rarely utilzed  

Mythical Monsters Revisited  is what you neeed
Realms specific, I cant think of anything.
I survived Section 4 and all I got was this lousy sig Off-topic and going downhill from there
I think it's just named after the fire of the magical beasts, not any special phoenix
The planes of Choas is a little far off for me right now, money is tight and that is an expensive book. But I will look into that asap, and as for the Mythical Monsters Revisited I have not even been able to see a cover for so i will keep looking for that one. 

Thanks for what all you have given me. You rock! 
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