resistance versus vulnerabilities and insubstantial

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how does resist, insubstantial and vulnérabilities work together

lets say i play a vampire (vulerable 5 radiant) and get an amulet that gives me resist 10 radiant? is it considered to be resist 5? or is it the first 10 damage are ignored then if any damage still present i get 5 extra?

how about insubstantial versus resit and vulnerable... witch one is applyed first?
If you resist and are vulnerable to the same type, you subtract the smaller from the larger, and apply the result (R10-v5=r5, in this case).

Halving is always done last, so insubstantial applies to the result after you've taken resists and vulnerables into account.
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Also, you count as having both traits for anything else that depends on them. ("If the target is vulnerable to radiant damage..." works against something with Resist 10 and Vulnerable 5, for example.)