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I am going to be running the playtest in a couple of weeks. I was going to run playtest 2 as is but have been reading and wondering if you DMs that have run things all ready have any advice.

I am a big fan of the Caves and have played and run it since it was originally released. So I am leaning towards running it with the play test 2 pc gen rules. 

Advice Welcome! 
Welcome to the playtest!  Other than reading through the playtest material, the pregens, and an adventure you will run (either modified Caves of Chaos using new monster stats), the new adventure in package 2, or creating your own, I don't have any earthshaking suggestions - just play with it, and see how you and your players feel about the mechanics and feel of the game.  Keep notes and report to the community if you like.  When WoTC sends you the survey fill it out.

I have not run anything from the new playtest package yet, but I have run 5 sessions from the old.    I used the Caves of Chaos, but for this playtest package, I am going to create my own mini-adventure to see if the players can actually finish an adventure in 1 session.

Most of all just try to use as much of the system as with the three pillars (combat, exploration, interaction), use the skills, and have fun.  

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I ran the caves with the new monsters just straight with no adjustments and it went very well. We did the goblin cave and the ogre came in durng a fight with the goblins and i had the goblins in room 19 split up and set ambushes after the rogue lost a contested die roll for stealth and the big group (22) had some time to prepare.
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