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Why is it that whenever WotC prints out maps for a module, they print out the nice, square rooms with minimal complicated features--maps that would be easy to redraw on a battle mat, but almost never the complicated maps with strange features, irregular shapes and angles, massive rounded edges, or statues?
In short: the maps that would be easy for a DM to sketch quickly are published, but the maps that would be very difficult, where having it already done would represent a massive savings of time AND be very helpful in describing the room, are almost never printed.

The more specifically you decorate a room on the map, the fewer things that map can be used for later.

An empty 10 by 12 room can be a temple, a meeting hall, a barracks, a tavern, and so on. Once you put a dining table in that room, it can pretty much only be a dining room.
A 10x12 room can be drawn in about 20 seconds.
A 20x40 room with a series of 1x3 alcoves at 60degree angles and a circular pool with a 4 diameter, and a cluster of circular pillars radiating outward (three of which are collapsed, providing cover or difficult terrain), etc can take 10 minutes. Which length of time would you rather wait during a session?
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