Any news from GenCon about upcoming releases?

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Does anyone know if any upcoming products for D&D were revealed at GenCon?

I'd like to know if any more board games like Legend of Drizzt are coming out? Any more releases for 4th edition? Mike Mearls said that D&D Next is 2 years away- so what's being released in the meantime?

im wondering the same thing, the other seminars dont really interest me, but id like to know about future releases
it doesnt look like they really had a short-term new product seminar. its all 5e related. i guess they are looking at the pdf releases of old stuff as their new release schedule?
I think they mentioned at least two adventures will be published, not sure when. They also talked about a 6 book novel series, and releasing back product as PDF. Beyond that nothing was mentioned in the keynote presentation.
Sorry but to me, this is another commercial own goal from WotC. I bought all I wanted from PDF back catalogue when it was still available on DrivethruRPG and RPGNow so I likely won't buy anything from that.

I am interested in more 4E support until 5E is released and would buy new products. If they strip the realease schedule down to nothing, I will spend my money with other companies, particularly Paizo who seem to be, in contrast to WotC, announcing one good thing after another. I am not on board with the PF system but the quality of their products outshines the system itself for me so that's where my money will go if WotC doesn't want it (which apparently they don't).
6 novels and 2 adventures set in the Forgotten Realms will be released in 2013 AFAIK.
Sorry but to me, this is another commercial own goal from WotC. I bought all I wanted from PDF back catalogue when it was still available on DrivethruRPG and RPGNow so I likely won't buy anything from that.

On the otherhand, I will be very happy if they start releasing books in PDF format.  Especially scenarios.

Dragon and Dungeon are still supporting 4e content. 
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Dragon and Dungeon are still supporting 4e content. 

At least until the end of the year, per a Rule-of-Three from a short while ago.

What 4E fans want to know is if a) Dragon content will provide enough crunch to be worthwhile until then (this month's offering holds little hope with what looks like an Unearthed Arcana for Bards and a Channel Divinity for a little used evil deity) and b) if we will have any more books so that we can give Wizards money beyond our DDI subscriptions.

For example, there is nothing else I am buying this year unless they add something to the catalog. Menzoberranzen is a nice product, to be sure, but most of that information is readily available outside of the book. The same will probably be true of the Forgotten Realms book later this year. One of the downsides of publishing fluff pieces in your campaign setting that already has the most published material from previous editions and surrounding the single most popular D&D character.

4E fans want to give Wizards our money. Wizards doesn't want to take it.

I completely agree with Malaklightfoot.

I think it's a bad public relations move on Mearl's part to end all support for 4E. We love and supported 4E but now we are left out to dry. I would be more inclined to support D&D Next if 4E material was still being released. I'm not really excited for D& D next- its five years too soon.

Overall- I'm bitter about D&D Next because it killed 4E and ended all support for it.

4E still needs an Dungeon Master's Guide for Epic Level. A monster vault filled with balanced epic level monsters. We have a Demonomicon- why not an infernal equivalent? A campaign setting like Dragon Lance or Planescape.
I second the DMG 3!

For the love of everything that is holy, I just want my 4e shelve to look "complete" with DMG 3 right between PHB 3 and MM 3!

A new epic focused Monster Vault would be awesome as well!

And so would be a "Infernomicon".

But if there could be only one last book for 4e, I would certainly ask for a DMG 3! Epic support and preferrably, with guidelines for creating artifacts!
Are you threatening me master jedi? Dungeons & Dragons 4e Classic - The Dark Edition
A DMG3 would be nice before WotC ices the system. I would also like (as I have pestered in other places here) a set of 2E core rules in line with the 1 & 3.5 editions. A book on Sigil/Planescape would also be pretty awesome.

Just roll some dice.



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Yes a DMG 3 would be nice to encompass the epic level adventures. It could even contain rules on how to manage kingdoms, countries, organizations, with a table of random events and such.
After all in some campaigns, epic level characters are some kind of rarity and so they need a book for the effort put in reaching these high levels.


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