Zioth campaign PBeM is looking for a few good role-players

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I've been running the Coming of the Zioth PBeM for the past sixteen years. Now, a new heroic group is starting up in the campaign world, as a foil to the increasingly evil group that currently exists. I'm looking for a few serious role-players and writers who are interested in a game that's probably going to be around for a long time. Here are some details to help you decide if the game is for you.

Tag line:
Welcome to a world that has nineteen years left to live. In nineteen years, on the one thousand twentieth year of the Zioth, all five moons will leave the sky for a night, and the world will be destroyed and rebuilt. But who can believe such stories in a world at its prime? Everything is normal. The strange creatures of legend are nowhere to be seen, and magic? A story to put children to sleep.

Game system:
D&D 3.5 with a smattering of house rules. We basically just use the PHB, but I'm willing to consider other materials, or even custom home-brewed classes.

Power level:
Very low-magic. Magic is basically considered a myth, though as the PCs increase in level, it’s becoming somewhat more common.

Very low treasure. The current party of two 7th-8th level characters has about 1000gp total. This isn’t a big deal, since magic items aren’t for sale, and 1000gp makes you quite rich in a mundane setting. Magic items exist, since the world was somewhat more magical in the past, but they’re very rare. Most people don't believe they ever existed except in stories.

Very slow advancement. Characters go up in level about every 10 turns, which can be anywhere from six months to two years.

Role vs Roll playing:
This is a role-playing intensive game, which values well thought-out characters and good writing. Combat is very rare, happening maybe once per real-time year on average (more often if the PCs start fights). The game is mainly mysteries, puzzle solving and political intrigue, though the last is slowly being replaced by magical mysteries.

The world is supposed to be “destroyed and rebuilt” about nineteen years from now, but no one really knows for sure what that means. That’s the central mystery of the game.

Web site:
The entirety of the game so far has been written up in prose form. Game turns. There is also extensive information about the world. New turns are better written than old turns, so read one or two of those first if you want to get a feel for the style of the game.

World creation:
I encourage (but don't require at all) player participation in the creation of the world. There are lots of regions, religions, etc that aren't well-developed because they haven't played a part in the game yet. You can make a part of the game world your own.

While the game has been slow at times, recently, there have been multiple emails per player per day. Players are expected to be flexible when it comes to how fast the game is.

How to join:

You can find my email address on the web site, or feel free to ask questions in this thread.