Printing to PDF with Adventure Tools

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I have no printer of my own, and thus try to print to pdf in order to take it over to staples to print. This usually works fine on my Mac which has a default print to PDF option.

Windows has no such default, however. I was recommended Bullzip as the best thing since sliced bread and an actual paid license for Acrobat (which just isn't going to happen). The problem is that it creates the file right on the edge of the page, and not in alignment with any printer margin.

Any DMs out there have similar issues getting your monsters on a disk to go print off at someplace like Staples?
58286228 wrote:
As a DM, I find it easier to just punish the players no matter what they pick, as I assume they will pick stuff that is broken. I mean, fight after fight they kill all the monsters without getting killed themselves! What sort of a game is this, anyway?
Check out CutePDF. Free download.