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I have recently been play testing my newest campaign "Monuments of the Fallen". It takes place in a world divided centuries ago. The "World of Kiatayssa". It consists of 6 continents that were separated by the Great White Sea.

World of Kiatayssa maps can be downloaded here.
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Original thread regarding my Campaign: here

I am a believer in custom making my adventures. Sticking to pre-printed books and/or guidlines is not my style. If you share that passion, please visit my website above and lets talk about it! Lets become better DM's!!

Background and Lore:

Brief lore speaks of a Demi-God who has gone rogue, during an epic battle involving the gods Layten: God who is the ruler of gifts and discernment and prophecy, warrior to the god Landren.  Landren: God who signifies Light, and Sun, your heir and keeper of white horses. Tessa: The God who is the asset who will facilitate the kingdom of future heiress. Mahkea: God Empress of the provisional gardens, and protector of the wild greens. Amongst these gods were their servants (Demi-Gods) awaiting their place to the throne. Being tutored by the greater gods to grasp their full potential and study abroad to expand their powers during which a war had brewed between the Gods and the Titans of Nodrog. These Titans felt that Gods were no longer needed, and their presence was far to powerful to allow their continuance to rule over the lands. Being strong believers that each of these Titans already have their rulers, the Great Earth Titan, Great Fire Titan, Great Wind Titan, and the Great Titan's of North, South, East, and West they can protect this world on their own. Originally having a mutual peace was not long after broken. Thus creating a war between the Gods and these Titans forcing the world into a split. It was never clear on what or who broken this peace, or why the world was split. As further lore unfolds it is rumored that a specific Demi-God that had gone rogue may have influenced the sides in accelerating this event. Who is this Demi-God? Did he/she in fact influence this war, if so why? What's of this second world? ALL of these questions will be answered in the "Monuments of the Fallen" Campaign.

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Sounds awesome. Are you looking for players?
Sounds awesome. Are you looking for players?

Thank you Bronze_Elemental for your interest.

I'm currently running the Campaign with 6 adventurers. However I been seriously contemplating a 2nd group. Time willing of course. None the less I'm always looking for new PC's to stay in touch with over time, and hopefully bring them in on a new campaign, or current as possibly a filler if someone drops out or unable to make it for awhile.
I've talked to you on skype before, Gordan. Still definitely interested if you end up deciding to run that 2nd campaign.
I'm looking for a group to join if you start a second campaign.  My availability is Tuesday and Wednesday nights EDT with spotty availability elsewhere in the week.  I'm relatively new to pen and paper RPG's but I really like it a lot so far.
I'm also interested in starting an online group. I am available Friday-Sunday every week, but weekdays could be worked out. Let me know if you plan on starting this 2nd campaign or need a sub.
Thank you all for wishing to join. I have added those to skype that have added me, or contact you back via PM. I'll defintely keep you all posted!

My appologies for the late response. I was on vacation up-north (Michigan) at our private lake resort. AMAZING time this past week with the family!! I plan to get things rolling again hopefully tomorrow.
I have recently updated all my maps for this world. The above link has been updated and corrected.

Here is a mere sample of my newest designs!

World of Kiatayssa Sample

Please let me know your thoughts.
If enough are interested in my campaign, I'll finish doing the work on it, and submit it for readers to consider playing. When I write my campaigns I leave it very open for the DM to setup the encounters, side quests, etc. I provide the main story, arcs, and direction of flow. Basically all the major key aspects of the adventure. The rest is up to an experienced DM to fill in with their own touches, and twists. I seem to enjoy it most this way, As I've played the campaign a few different times, and I like changing things on the fly, altering the adventure path. Makes things more interesting for myself.


-Designed by DMGordanian
My Website: Dungeon Master Dojo
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