Nausicca of the Valley of the Wind

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Category: Larval; Immature; Large; Elder 
Size: 5'; 10'; 80'; 100'
AC: 5; -10; -10; -10
HD: 1;  10; 20; 40
MV: 360 (120)
AT: Trample/Spores
DA: -; 1d6; 10d6; 20d6
Enraged: -;2x
NA: 1 (20-100)
SA: F1; F10; F20; F36
ML: 12
INT: 20+(HD/2)
AL: Lawful

Description: Ohmu are infected with spores from the sea of corruption (A fungal Forest). The Ohmu are telepathic. THey Travel on hundreds of legs at great speed. Enraged Ohmu will not stop. The have the ability to heal (as cureall spell) through the use of their tentacles. They were genetically engineered to spread the fungal forest.
The Citadel Megadungeon: