Oni Night Haunter / Hypnotic Breath power

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Here's the said power for reference:

   Hypnotic Breath (standard; recharges when first bloodied) ✦    Charm, Sleep
   Close blast 5; +11 vs. Will; the target is dazed (save ends).
   First Failed Save: The target falls unconscious (no save).

I wonder how it works for the uncounscious target. When do he stop being uncounscious?
Until the target saves.
Until the target saves.

Then why there is the "(no save)" mention ?
The oni night haunter I'm looking at in the compendium says "save ends."
Oh. I missed the errata then... Sorry and thanks for your help.
The "Bound Oni Night Haunter" still has the 'no save' version.

I'm parsing the intent of the power being "First Failed Save: The target falls asleep (no save). "
because of the line "This attack does not wake the unconscious target. " on Devour Soul. 

Taking damage doesn't break unconciousness, but does break being asleep.  This means that someone put to sleep with this power can be woken with a standard action from an adjacent ally, damage (but not from Devour Soul) or loud noises (perception check from the target).