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I've updated the Gazetteer.

It has the following information:

  • Chapter 1: Introduction – General overview of Athas from the perspective of someone whose grown up in Allanak.

  • Chapter 2: Character Creation – A step by step guide on how to make a Dark Sun character using the 5th edition rules.

  • Chapter 3: Character Advancement – What characters get at each level.

  • Chapter 4: Healing – How healing works on the harsh planet of Athas.

  • Chapter 5: Races – Write up on each of the races you can play in Dark Sun including Half-Giants, Muls and of course Thri-Kreen. It also has rules for AD&D style dwarves with magic resistance!

  • Chapter 6: Wild Talents – Everyone is born with some psionic ability and this is where they’re explained.

  • Chapter 7: Core Classes – Write up on how each of the core classes fit in Dark Sun including Barbarians, Clerics, Fighters and Rogues.

  • Chapter 8: Dark Sun Classes – This outlines the Athasian Ranger with Dark Sun specific favoured enemy bonuses.

  • Chapter 9: Backgrounds – This is where the Dark Sun specific backgrounds are listed including the special traits each one gets.

  • Chapter 10: Organisations – These are organisations such as Noble Houses, Merchant Houses, the militia and even an elven tribe. This is intended to enhance the flavour of the setting and help you find a place to belong to in addition to your background (there’s no mechanics here. Just pure flavour).

  • Chapter 11: Weapon Styles – There are 5 city-states spread out across Athas, each with their own unique fighting style that has been shaped by the landscape and materials each city has access to. These are outlined here. Again no mechanics, just flavour to help differentiate characters from different cities.

  • Chapter 12: Equipment – This details all of the equipment you can get in Athas including weapons, armour, food, water, clothing and mounts. All converted from the standard copper, silver, gold metric used in standard D&D to Dark Sun’s obsidian coins. It also has details on how much ‘sid different occupations earn. It also has rules for weapons breaking, weapons made from different materials and water consumption.

I'd be quite grateful to hear about people's thoughts on my Dark Sun Gazeteer.

Original post for posterity:
I've been posting a fair amount of stuff on my vision of Dark Sun, I've decided to compile some of it along with some of the flavour I intend on using it as well.

You can find it all here (NOTE: This is an older version) along with a Dark Sun character Sheet as the last two pages. The Gazetteer currently outlines:

  • The flavour of Allanak, the starting city in my upcoming Dark Sun campaign.

  • Character Creation

  • Dark Sun Specific Skill List (Forbidden Lore covers the art of defiling)

  • Dark Sun specific languages

  • Races of Athas which include Dark Sun variants on all the core races in addition to stats for Gith, Half-Giants, Muls, Thri-Kreen. Half-Elves are currently missing as I'm waiting on WotC's rules for them.

  • Wild Talents

In order to use the flavour contained in the gazetteer you would need to do the following conversions:

  • Replace the name Allanak with Urik.

  • Replace Allanaki and Nakkie with Urikite.

  • Replace the title Highlord with King.

  • Replace the name Tektolnes with Hamanu.

  • Replace the name Grey Forest with Ridge Forest.

I'm currently working on:

Although these won't be a part of the Gazetteer, I've also got:

I've updated the Dark Sun Gazeteer. It's finally in a "complete" state. While I'll continue to update it for each new playtest packet, there shouldn't be any major overhauls.
I'd be quite grateful to hear about people's thoughts on my Dark Sun Gazeteer.

First of all, its English might have been better.

I liked reading through it. Need to see what happens with Wizards and defiliing etc. , but like what has been done so far
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