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So I've been thinking of running burn with some mix of dangerous wager and wild guess to use in top deck mode. The way I see it it's just a double burn card. Has anyone used these or similar cards for this? Input from anyone would be greatly appreciated.
That sounds terrible. Run Grim Lavamancer if you're running out of fuel, as well as Sulfuric Vortex.
Sulfuric Vortex should be an auto-include in the sideboard anyway, if only because burn has an incredibly hard time winning through Stoneforge-Batterskull.  Even if you kill the Stoneforge, that uses up your burn and gives the opponent time to hardcast Batterskull.

I did put one Reforge the Soul in my burn deck just to see how it works out, but I haven't played the deck much since then so I can't say if it's any good.
That sounds terrible. Run Grim Lavamancer if you're running out of fuel, as well as Sulfuric Vortex.

Horrible idea.
Vortex is awesome.  I've never considered it a dead card in hand.  Multiple on the board are fantastic too. 

I have a three Reforge the Soul together with 4x Faithless Looting in my casual burn deck, instead of the norm in Browbeat.
  My deck loves Lavamancer - and Reforge/Looting is mainly to get rid of lands etc. and fuel Lavamancer, but also helps to get rid of Reforge. 
  Although the deck is built to make sure Lavamancer never runs out of fuel, the rest of the deck is full of burn or cards like Vexing Devil-type  pseudo-burn. Should explain though, my deck does run cards like Flame Rift and aims to take them down before I take myself down trying....

If you aim is to not run out of cards, WHeel of Fate could be worth a look, but it's pretty slow....
I don't like Dangerous Wager - I compare it to Browbeat really.
(you never draw it when you need it, and when you do, you never get the result you need! ...and then there's Redirect)  

This will depend greatly on what build of BURN you're heading for - a Lavamancer type build where you consume your graveyard, or something like Past in Flames which requires you have a fair amount of mana to do so, but can spell GG in some instances.
When playing burn I don't mind paying a little more mana. I like bang for my Buck if you will. I just think burn is missing something that could make it much more powerful in legacy.

Burn IS missing something in Legacy.  It's missing the dual lands and actually powerful spells...

Seriously, pretty much every card mentioned so far except Lavamancer (plus fetch lands) and Sulfuric Vortex are terrible. 

Burn's problem isn't that they use too many cards, it's that they can't deal the damage fast enough.  If every spell in the deck is worth 3 damage (which I believe is the average damage from a typical Burn deck), you only need 7 cards to win the game.  You should expect to see 7 spells (and 3 lands) by the third turn, which means you don't ever actually need to draw more cards.  That said, you also only have access to 6 mana over those 3 turns, meaning that you must average 3.33 damage per mana spent.  If you've been paying attention, that's really hard to do when most of your spells are worth 3 damage.  So because you need that 7th mana to win, you go an extra turn, which means you have to draw another spell.  Even if the opponent has been cracking fetchlands and such, you'll still need that extra turn because it's likely they've done something to try to stop you early (counters, blocking Goblin Guide, etc.).

Now all of that wouldn't be a problem, except the deck is in a format where you can have a consistent source of life gain active on turn 2-3 (Scavenging Ooze, Batterskull off Stoneforge Mystic, Griselbrand), your spells are being discarded (Inquisition of Kozilek, Thoughtseize, etc.) and you're being disrupted for cheap (Force of Will, Daze, Spell Pierce, etc.).  All of these factors make it very difficult to finish off the game.

All of this means there really aren't any options improving Burn simply because there are only so many direct damage spells printed.  Not only that, but very few of them live up to the standards of Lightning Bolt, and you really need several spells that are something like a permanently metalcrafted Galvanic Blast.  Without that, Burn can't improve it's damage per card and damage per mana to the levels where the deck actually improves.  And then, it's still very vulnerable to variance.

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