U/B Griselbrand Control deck - opinions needed, FNM tomorrow

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I'm taking this deck to my FNM tomorrow, first time out and wanted to collect suggestions. I'm still not sure about the mix of counterspells I'm using. Cavern of Souls  is pretty popular in my meta, so I plan on using my counters to answer the non-creature threats I run into. So far, I'd like to get one more Snapcaster Mage  and another Wurmcoil Engine, but not sure where to put them. Also, another Tamiyo would be awesome I think. Her ultimate syncs up nicely with Griselbrand's card drawing.

Edit: Added sideboard possibilities
Lone Revenant is a pretty bad card. Better off replacing with Delver of Secrets or Augur of Bolas or Talrand, Sky Summoner or several other cards.

Mutilate doesn't fit this deck at all either. Its really for mono black only.
Rise from the grave is not very good.
Rewind is not very good.
I would replace Rewind with Mana Leak/ Dissipate
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The main reason I don't have more Mana Leak  is it can be a dead card late game and this deck definitely wants to draw the game out. Also I'm not sure I agree with the whole Rewind  is a bad card train of thought. Combined with Tamiyo's emblem, for instance, and my opponent no longer gets to cast any spells.  Dissipate  will be in my sideboard at least, and I'll think about it over the main deck Rewinds. 

@SeishinKizuna So are you saying I should run a Delver deck instead? I'm not sure Delver and Griselbrand  belong in a deck together.

Also, for board sweepers, B/U really only has Mutilate  and Black Sun's Zenith  and maybe Devastation Tide, which I think I will probably sideboard. Should I just run 4x BSZ?  It's not going to hit for much more that Mutilate  in most cases and it will nerf my fatties too, which makes me sad.

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