Red Box Errata?

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Does anyone happen to know if an official errata document was released for the Red Box?
I'm guessing the answer is no then, so I'll ask this question specifically. The Rogue's At Will Power, Combat Maneuver, allows you to move 1+ Strength Modifier Squares and grants a +4 to all defenses until you complete the move. I'm assuming that it should read "1 + DEXTERITY Modifier"?
Well ATHLETICS skill is based on STR, so that could justify using STR for a movment power.
The sea looks at the stabillity of the mountian and sighs. The mountian watches the freedom of the sea and cries.
The thief is designed to still be Dex with Strength or Dexterity, this power is one of the few reasons why you'd want strength as a thief though.
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