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I'm pretty sure a zombie flood deck has been done before, but I'm still new to the game and this is what I came up with. If there are any improvements and modications you think it can use, feel free to suggest it

20 Creatures

4   Gravecrawler
4 Diregraf Ghoul
4 Death Baron
4 Cemetery Reaper
4 Undead Warchief

7 Enchantments

3 Endless Ranks of the Dead

15 Sorceries

4 Duress
4 Dark Ritual

20 Swamps 

Total: 63 cards

I know 63 cards is unconventional and over 60, but I can't decide which cards to throw out. They all seem pretty essential to the strategy of the deck and I don't think 3 more cards would make too much of a difference overal.  
First the card you really need in this deck is Zombie Apocalypse. Next I would swap the cemetary reapers for Lord of the Undead, he is a much better version. then I'd cut back the number of your Quest, Endles Ranks and Army to 2 at the most. personally I'd drop the quest completely and add some Zombie Masters and some Urborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth.
I don't really agree with saying Lord of the Undead is better than Cemetery Reaper.   Cemetery Reaper's ability is any graveyard which is pretty versatile.  Although I do agree that Quest should be pared down to something less than 4.

Throw in a couple of Cabal Coffers to accelerate out your huge CMC cards, possibly by turn 4 or 5.  You might get more bang for your discard buck if you use Hymn to Tourach, though the targeted ability in Duress may balance it out.
its better because you can get any of your zombies back (Death Baron) instead of just a token.
Get rid of Extirpate, it's just too narrow, unless all your friends have very fast dedicated combo decks.

Endless Ranks is not as good as it looks. I have it in my zombie deck because it's really fun, but it's hard to make it effective. It's up to you whether you want to keep it.

I would add a couple more lands. Leechridden Swamp maybe?
All of your creatures are aggro zombies that want to win quickly. Neither Endless Ranks of the Living Dead or Army of the Damned fit in with this strategy. Quest for the Gravelord seems out of place in a deck without any creature destruction/sacrifice cards. Extirpate doesn't really work, either. Why not run Cemetery Reaper and Lord of the Undead? And Zombie Master. If there's one thing aggro zombies like, it's zombie lords!
[cI Lord of the undead [/c]
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