If Xathrid Gorgon leave the battlefield the creatures it petrified return to normal?

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If [C]Xathrid Gorgon[/C] leave the battlefield the creatures it petrified return to normal? Or do I need the Gorgon to stay on the field to keed them petrified?
For future reference, this should be in the Rules Q&A section.

To answer, once Gorgon's ability is used on a creature that creature will have Defender and be a colorless artifact regardless of whether Gorgon is still on the battlefield.

In fact, the petrification counter isn't even required for those stats to apply.  So if you were to use a Hex Parasite to remove the petrification counter it would have no effect (except giving parasite +1/+0 until end of turn, obviously).
To support Freyjann's post, you must notice what is not there. It says "It gains defender and is a colorless artifacts and its activated can't be activated (here is what is not here) as long as it has a petrification counter. Nothing on the card says as long as it has a petrification counter, do this. The counter is merely a reminder, and "still works" even if removed
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