Do you think DDI will make or can add a Companion NPC Builder?

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I like the DDI tools a lot but not having a commpanion NPC builder makes building them extreamly difficult.  There are a lot of strict guidelines to making a companion NPC and having the system automated like the monster builder would be great.  The monster builder works to a point but it is limited when creating companions.  What are your thoughts?

I strongly doubt there will be any new development work on the DDI tools, given that they're tools dedicated to 4th edition, and 5th edition is on its way. 
Since they basically recommend using a monster with less damage, here's what'll happen.

Vampire Class/Feat in 2013!

I prefer Next because 4E players and CharOpers can't find their ass without a grid and a power called "Find Ass."

That is unfortunate to say the least.  I feel if they make us pay $200 in books and then on top of that a subscription fee for D&DI tools, I believe they should, at the very least, listen to what we have to say about how it can be improved.

What 'strict guidelines'?  I've used the monster builder to great effect. 

Cry Havoc!  And let slip the hogs of war!

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