How do you organize your binders?

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I just started playing collecting and was wondering how you organize your binders? Do you only put one card per slot? or back to back? or like 5 of the same card in one slot?
I don't use binders for my collection, because it's just too big; I use boxes.

But in my trade binder, I put cards back to back and don't double up beyond that; this allows me to know exactly how many of a given card I have without having to pull them out to check and avoids binder damage caused by too many multiples.

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I only use binders for my trades, in which case I make a point of using one that lets you add additional pages - it means you can reorder everything without replacing every single card.  I tend to divide it by colour/multicolour/artifact/casual staple/EDH staple. HAven't found (m)any problems yet.
I use boxes for my uncommon and commons. Then use a binder for rares, single cards in each slot. 
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I put all of my Storm Crows in the front, and all of the chaff in the back.
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I keep changing my organization, and it will probably change again as my collection is still young and primarily only consists of cards from the last 3 years. I currently have 4 binders, organized thusly:

1 binder for trade fodder. Organized by color and that's it, currently with some mishmash in the back since I don't bother moving cards around if I don't have a slot for a new one I'm putting in; I just insert it in the back. This binder only includes rares and mythic rares; uncommons for trade are in boxes.

1 binder for creatures. This is the largest. Organized by color, and alphabetically within each color, W B R G U Gold/Hybrid Colorless from front to back.

1 binder for non-creature spells. Organized similarly to creatures, by color and alphabetically in the same order, minus Gold/Hybrid and Colorless.

1 binder for lands and Gold/Hybrid and Coloress non-creature spells. This is the smallest binder.

The not-for-trade binders contain all rarities, but consist mostly of mythic/rare/uncommon cards. Commons only make binder status if they're of the highly sought after variety or I find them particularly useful.
My soon to be non t2 rare binder is sorted by color then set age.

My non t2 binder is color sorted and random.
I miss the old days.
Only by color. I'm too lazy for any other form of organizing them.
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