Maptools -1.3.b87 / Skype 4th edtion forgotten realms Sleeping dogs campaign

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Looking for players for a Online campaign played over map tools and skype set in the forgotten realms 
Game will be played on saturdays time yet to be determined
at the moment the group consists of a Elven Paladin of  Corellon, a Goliath  Barbarian, a rogue looking for 2 to 5 players any race or class 
is available (including hybrids) but your choice of race or class will effect Rp elements.  Characters will start at Lvl 1 with either 22 point buy or a standard array, also 100 gp for starting equipment please to stay within 10 gp.   Also I will be including Themes and Backgrounds if you do not have access to these I can work with you to select one that fits your characters backstory or one that sounds intreasting to you.  I will try to balance encounters and Rping with rolls used to augment not replace role playing

Message me here, reply to this thread or Im me on skype my skype name is dranged.lark
what timezone are you looking to game? and is this an afternoon or night game?
I'm in the eastern time zone but as far as a game time that's still up in the air depending on what works best for the group.    

I fixed my skype had my name spelled wrong, so saorry if people couldn't get ahold of me.  At the moment the group consists of a Paladin, Barbarian, warlord and rogue still looking to add new members 3 to 4 total but with four ready I do plan to start soon.  If you'd like to join let me know thanks
sorry all but the sleeping lions campaign is full at the moment, if intreasted I can put you on my wait list and if people drop I'll let you know.   Thank you everyone for all your Interest 
Add me to the wait list, I am on PST time zone though so am only available in the evenings 10 EST or weekends.