Oh No - Not Another Zombie Game

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Yeah I know, the Zombie genre has been done to death . . . but this is my first attempt at authoring an RPG and I decided to start with something simple . . . and brainless.

It's still in production and scheduled for full release by Halloween, 2012, but you if you have any interest you can drop in on the development blog and check out what's there. We usually post weekly updates as well as offer freebies.

If you aren't interested in Zombies you can still download our Street Map Pack and use it with any post-apocalyptic style game.

Oh yeah - it's FREE!     



Not sure if I have time for another RPG, but I can definitely use the map pack. Thanks for sharing.
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You, sir, are more then welcome.

If you liked the map pack, I have great news.

We will be posting our Bare Bones | Interior Map Pack in the very near future.
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