How do I accept an invitation on the Ipad

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NGC and myself are trying to connect and a notification keeps popping up but nothing happens when I click/swipe it.

Good question! I had the same problem when trying to play this afternoon one of the matches of the iPad tournament.
We've been here for like 10 minutes private messaging one another trying to get the game going.

Its just not happening.
Yeah, this has to be one of the most frustrating things ever.  We can successfully send each other invitations, and even "accept" them by clicking on them, but then nothing happens.  When I get the invitation message at the top of the screen, I have dragged my finger down so that I can see the message and then clicked it.  If I am in the Magic app, it does nothing.  If I am sitting on the main iPad screen, it at least takes me back into the Magic app, but then still nothing.  No game starts.  What's really weird is, I can't find anything out there on the Net from someone else who has faced this problem before.  Google has no answers.
I just restarted my ipad. See if that helps...
I just restarted my ipad. See if that helps...

Sent u a PM
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