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I would like people to look this build over and offer suggestions, nothing is really set in stone at this point.  I have never played epic tier before, and only a little bit of paragon.  Most of the material since essentials was introduced is new to me, so there may be some great options that I don't even know about. 

This is my build so far:
Tiefling Paladin / Werebear / Hospitilar / Saint Level 21
Stats: Str 12, Con 16, Dex 14, Int 10, Wis 22, Cha 24

Level 1: Wrath of the Crimson Legion
Level 2:Imperious Majesty
Level 4: Devout Protector Expertise
Level 6: Superior Will
Level 8: Lightning Reflexes
Level 10: Resilient Focus
Level 11: Honored Foe
Level 12: Dispater's Iron Discipline
Level 14: Hero's Poise
Level 16: Superior Fortitude
Level 18: Armor Specialization: Plate
Level 20: Some Place Holder retrained at level 21 for Epic Fortitude
Level 21: Weakening Challenge

Future Feats:
Level 22: Epic Reflexes
Level 24: Paladin's Truth
Level 26: Divine Mastery
Level 28: Pious Champion
Level 30: Toughness ?

Lay on Hands
Divine Challenge
At will (level 1): Enfeebling Strike, Virtuous Strike
Utility (level 2): Call of Challenge
Utility (level 6): Wrath of the Gods
Encounter (level 7): Price of Cowardice (or Astral Thunder)
Daily (level 9): Crown of Glory
Utility (level 10): Winter's Arrival
Encounter (level 13): Castigating Strike
Daily (level 15): Knight's Defiance
Utility (level 16): Divine Aegis
Encounter (level 17): Frozen Shackles (for range)
Daily (level 19): Corona of Blinding Radiance

Future Powers:
Utility (level 22): Shared Valor
Encounter (level 23, replacing price of cowardice/astral thunder): Demand Respect
Daily (level 25, replacing crown of glory): Discipline the Unruly
Encounter (level 27, replacing frozen shackles): Deific Vengeance
Daily (level 29, replaces corona of blinding radiance): Name of Awe

Gear is up in the air still, all I know is we are not using the L+1, L, L-1 and cash = to L-1, our DM thinks that is underpowered, also we will be using some sort of rolled stats because the DM also thinks point buys are too low.  He is going to roll sets and give them to us, I based this build on point buy assuming it will be equal to or better than that.  The major concerns that I have are range and mobility.  The rest of the group will be a sorcerer, a warlock, a warlord, and one other that I don't know.

Thanks for your help
Looks pretty good to me. I'd pick up Superior Initiative somewhere. I just like to pop WoG before my allies scatter about, and go before the enemy to put Imperious Majesty to good use. I like Astral Thunder over Price of Cowardice. I'd probably squeeze in a multiclass maybe Bardic Dilettante, for the extra skill and heal/slide. Lacking reach, that little slide from majestic word has helped me quite a bit for positioning. Also I'd consider Skill Power for Prescient Defense or Insightful Riposte, depending on your immediate action economy, and importance of landing certain powers. I'd probably do the following:

Drop: Lightning Reflexes, Armor Spec Plate, Superior Fortitude, Epic Fortitude
Replace them with: Improved Defenses, Bardic Dilettante, Skill Power, Superior Initiative

You can pick up Superior Fort at 22, retraining Improved Defenses to Epic Reflexes, and Armor Spec at 24. I think that should work out.
For the most part I have to agree with Mengu. Although I prefer Price of Cowardice vs Astral Thunder. You want folks to pay for ignoring your sanction/challenge.
You should really try to fit in Secrets of Belial for Eagle's Splendor. +1 to Cha attacks, +2 to Cha skills, and +1 to Will is great.
That is a good idea. And I was just looking, the only thing you get from Dispater's Iron Discipline is the bonuses to saves. The feat bonuses to Will defense do not stack, (since you have superior will). Since you are not sure about items, you might see if you can pick up some items to get you the bonuses to saves, then trade out the feat for Secrets of belial. Wish I could do that with my paladin. (not a tiefling)
Yup good idea. Hard to find a utility to replace. I'd probably ditch the level 16 Divine Aegis. The others are just too good to give up. I wouldn't be too selfish with it though. You have a lot of charisma in your group, and Eagle's Splendor may be better to dump on the Sorcerer, or the Warlock if it's a charisma warlock.
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