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How common would it be to find a Genasi in the Feywild? We're doign a campaign there soon and if they aren't that common, I might need to explain how he's there.
Well, ultimately it's up to the DM, but as far as I know, non-fey creatures tend to be a rarity in the Feywild.
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 It is, however, given the nature of the Feywild, fairly easy to come up with an explanation for how the rare non-Fey in the Feywild got there.
  In both the game and in the mythology of almost every  real-world culture that has a "Feywild" equivalent (i.e., the home of any "fairy folk"), individuals tend to find themselves there accidentally or get drawn in (purposefully or not) with alarming regularity, although few non-native beings ever stay there long.


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It is also extremely easy to reflavor any of the Genasi as Fey Spirits of their elements (air Genasi as Sylphs, Water Genasi as Undines, etc.)
The genasai in question could have fallen from a mote floating over the feywild. Maybe he landed in a lake, or a pile or grass or kobolds.
I don't think it's that difficult to explain. After all, the elemental chaos has a bad habit of creating rifts to it just about everywhere. Wink
Well, I'll have a back-up character, but I think I got this mostly cleared.

Ki-Amar, the Sandsoul Genasi Shaman who fell into the Feywild by mistake and couldn't find a way back. Being a spirit of the desert(I pretty much took every desert and sand themed thing I could find in the Shaman ability list for this guy), he doesn't like the Feywild very much with all the foresty trees and stuff everywhere(idk if there's any deserts in the Feywild. I'm not that familiar with D&D lore), and wants to turn as much of the place as he can into a massive desert(it's an evil campaign, though we are taking care to specifically avoid disruptive gameplay type of evil). Since we're lower level(6) right now, I'm building him to be fairly genre savvy, not daring to to start going on with his plan until he's fairly sure he can fight back against the other natural spirits who are likely not going to be happy about the desert encroaching on their area(and the people who probably don't want their land turned into a desert either).
Well fey wild is a mirror of the world so there would have to be a reflection of the worlds deserts but there would be more life with small plants and insects where the real world has dead sand. If you can take a look at the darksun monster book it has some fey creature type, desert monsters you might get to help you. 
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Ah..in that case, I'll go with he doesn't think there's ENOUGH desert in the Feywild :P
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