Red Deck Wins

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Rift Bolt is pretty good for you.
4Scalding Tarn
4Arid Mesa

4grim lavamancer
4goblin guide
4hellspark elementala
4Vexing devil
4keldon maruders
4lava spike
4rift bolt
4lightning bolt
4magma jet
4 shard volley

3 smash to smithereens/shatterstorm/shattering spree 
4 flames of the blood hand(vs lifegain)
4 searing blaze vs zoo/creatures - i am not a big fan of it mainboard cus there are matches where it does NOTHING.
4shrine of burning rage/blood moon vs controlish type decks

Another option is Combust + Surgical extractions depending on meta.

If you go black you MUST play 4 Dark Confidant. And that is really a MUST. bump in the night without Confidant is extremely weak 

PS: 4 grim lavamancer is also something that must not be touched. the creature is a boss and probably has the biggest potential for damage dealing. 3 of is not enough. 
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