I'd Like More Adventure Games Like WoA, CR, and LoD

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Are we ever going to get more of the Adventure Board Games? I have purchased Wrath of Ashardalon, Castle Ravenloft, and Legend of Drizzt. My friends and I enjoy playing all three, and I’ve written nearly a dozen scenarios of my own, but we confess to being disappointed that no more have been released.

 While it’s good that Dungeon Command doubles as additional content that can be entered into the existing Adventure games, and we will also be playing those as well, it’s not the same as having another set. All we’ve gotten for additional content are new monsters (and one new Encounter card). A new boxed set would have new Treasure Cards, new Encounter Cards (Environments, Traps, Events, Hazards, Curses), new Tiles, new Adventures, and new Heroes, and new Monsters. While you’re giving us new Monsters with Dungeon Command, I can’t help but notice that all you’ve really done is take the Monsters and Heroes that are in the WoA, CR, and LoD and paint them. So, except for the 1 or 2 big miniatures in Dungeon Command you’re not really giving us any “NEW” monsters, just more of the ones we already have.

 This was a cheap cop out on your part.

 This is not to say that Dungeon Command is not a good game, it is. But you could have simply released the rules for it and let us use the Tiles and Miniatures that we already had instead of trying to push a whole new game on us and pretending it’s “NEW”.


 This is not to say I’m unaware of how a business functions, nor what it takes to get product out to the customer. From a production/marketing standpoint Dungeon Command was a win for Wizards of the Coast. All you needed to really do was design the rules and playtest it. You get a new product with minimal investment.


 However, that still leaves us with little new content for the existing D&D Adventure Board Games. I know Wizards of the Coast has previously stated they were not interested in bringing this line of products any further. And again, I understand what it would take to get a new boxed set on the market. Design, planning, creating new molds for miniatures, creating new prints for the dungeon tiles, scripting new scenarios, printing the rulebooks and boxes. This is all an investment up front before you even see a return on that investment, and this all needs to be done with an eye towards not only recouping said investment but potential profits as well.

 However I think there is one thing you might have overlooked.

 Dungeon Command is released as a standalone product, but also with an eye towards cross marketing into the existing D&D Adventure Board Games. All product released for Dungeon Command can also has material to be used in WoA, CR, and LoD.

 This could work both ways. Any new boxed Adventure released could be packaged with Order and Creature cards to be used in Dungeon Command. Imagine releasing a new D&D Adventure, with two dozen new miniatures and heroes, that could also be used to create custom warbands in Dungeon Command? By crossing over one game into the other, it means that you could potentially use each new iteration of one as an expansion to the other. People who like Dungeon Command but initially had no interest in the Adventure games would see them as ways to expand or customize their warbands; just as people who like the Adventure games but have in Dungeon Command see them as expansions to the scenarios they play. I fall into that category mind you. I had no interest in Dungeon Command, I was only going to buy it to have more options toss into the Adventure games. It’s just a bonus for me that the game itself is good as well.


 The D&D universe has a rich and varied environment to draw ideas for new Adventure games from. The Cleric Quinet and the Edificant Library, if you wish to keep capitalizing on R.A. Salvatore, but you also have other worlds and ideas to draw from.
 Look to the classic D&D Modules. Against the Giants (Modules G1, G3, and G3) would make a decent dungeon crawl. The adventures themselves are very similar in that they take place in the Giants keeps and dungeons. The Drow modules (D1, D2, and D3) is another classic. Ruins of Undermountain and Temple of Elemental Evil are to others that would easily lend themselves to new Adventure Board Games.

 There are so many classic modules that could be adapted to the Adventure games, that could then be crossed over into Dungeon Command.

 For those who happen to take the time to read this, if you happen to think this is a good idea, remember that Wizards of the Coast is a business. Their decision to pursue any idea or product is based in part on its likelyhood to generate sales. The more positive responses this gets, the more attention it generates, the more likely Wizards of the Coast is to pursue it.

I would also enjoy more adventure games. What would be really nice is if they found a nice way to create the Dungeon crawling experience, outdoors. Like in DC, where half the tiles are forested, it would be great if they could somehow get that in the adventure games. That would really make me want to buy it. How great would it be if you could be exploring a mountain, rather than a dungeon. You could incorporate flying creatures much better. They could even knock you off the path, making you have to retrace your steps, or create a new path entirely. There is my rant on the subject.

And in a perfect world, i could see them coming out with an adventure game that supports the dungeon command line, but i don't think this will ever happen. Which is unfortunate, but if you think about having non colored minis with colored minis in the DC game, it would look a little weird. IMO 
I think new modules/expansions for the existing adventure games would be more realistic.  I don't know if it's possible to have an add-on that would work for all 3 individually.  FFG does a good job of this with Arkham Horror expansions, which are very mix and match compatible.

A small box with some additional monsters, heroes, figures and scenario content for $20 would be great.  If there's a possibility for a few extra rules to be added that would be a bonus. 
 Oddly enough, someone posted a very similar topic on boargamegeek.com


 Absent the idea to cross market with Dungeon Command, but still getting more response than mine. ;)

 Thadden, I agree that I'd like to see outdoor Tiles, of which I think Forest would be easiest to make work (trees as "walls"). I didn't mention it specifically because I couldn't think of a module, or novel, that had enough of a outdoor environment to create a game out of. Not that they don't exist, just that I can't seem to think of one. 
 and using non-colored minatures in Dungeon Command wouldn't be any stranger than bringing over the DC minatures into the Boxed sets. 

 WarrenC, I agree that smaller expansions would be more likely, and I'd be happy with that if they could do it well; but if they were to introduce new Tile set (Forest, City, Mountain, Desert), they'd almost need to release an entire new Boxed set (which I would be happy with too). 
 Ideally, I'd like to see them come out with one new full boxed set every year or two, with a few smaller expansions every fewmonths.

I am not sure if you have check this interview out yet, but it sounds promising for a New adventure board game.

However it does sound like they think the expansion idea wouldn't work that great, which is unfortunate because i think it would be really beneficial.

Like a previous post said, FFG does it for Arkham Horror, and they have to be just getting rich over those expansions alone. I know they have drained my crew of $100's of dollars in expansions for that game alone.


But ya check it out, let me know your thoughts. 
Peter Lee stated flat-out that they are "working out exactly when the next one will come out," so that's a great sign, indeed! I imagine a few fans would also love a deluxe Lords of Waterdeep, too.


 I had not seen that, thanks!
No Problem, I wonder if anything was said at Gen Con. I havn't been on the forums all weekend. So there could have easily been somethign said about them there. (What can i say, i am an optimist.)
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