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I need two weapon fighting to take two weapon defense.

If I retrain two weapon fighting to something else I still gain the benefit of two weapon defense correct?

Side Question, when I hit l4, can I could retrain a feat for 2 weapon fighting then use my l4 feat to pick up 2 weapon defense. I'd rather not have to drop a more useful feat at l3 to pick up TWD at 4.

You cannot retrain feats that are prerequisites for other feats or paragon paths.  Retraining rules make this clear - don't have a page reference off the top of my head, but it's in the PHB section on Retraining.

You can retrain a feat, and then use that post-retrain feat as a prerequisite for a feat you're taking at that level, yes.
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You can't retrain feats which are prereqs for other feats, unless you first retrain the feats for which they are prereqs. So, no, not correct, because you can't do that.

When you hit level 4 you can retrain a feat for TWF and then take TWD, yes, so long as you remember you only get one retrain per level.
While on this topic...

What if you had a Paragon Path with a prerequisite "At-will or Encounter power with the fire keyword".

And lets say at level 13, you have 1 encounter power with the fire keyword. Can you retrain THAT power to a level 13 encounter power with the fire keyword? 
I don't think so, no.  Have to look up the retraining rules specifically to check, and don't have my book on hand.
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Ahh better phrased as at level 13 - you retrain an encounter power to a level 13 encounter power with the fire keyword - - - standard level increase - - and as your one retraining - retrain an at will to another at will (trading away the fire at will you used to have).
That's doable, yes.
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