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As you may have gathered, I'm trying my hand at building a Dredge deck. My budget for each card is £2 maximum (no Life from the Loams, sadly). My initial idea is a Laboratory Maniac deck with some Dredge and some card-draw. Here is my current attempt:

1 Laboratory Maniac

4 Dakmor Salvage
4 Darkblast
3 Golgari Thug
3 Necroplasm
4 Stinkweed Imp

Discard Enablers:
4 Putrid Imp
4 Zombie Infestation

4 Magus of the Bazaar
2 Think Twice
4 Deep Analysis
2 Cephalid Sage

4 Dread Return

Other Lands:
11 Islands
6 Swamps

It just seems to need a little something somewhere. The deck appears to constantly lose the turn before it would have won, so I think it just needs to be a little faster, maybe. Anyone got any tips for me?
Well, this thread entirely failed to grab anyone's interest, then. Ten views and no replies in over a day - poor rubbish little thread! I'll give it one more chance to fulfill its only function in life. Somebody out there much have a trick or two for making a dredge deck mill itself more quickly. Anyone?
I think the best place for improvement is going to be in card draw. The more you draw, the more you dredge. Breakthrough is going to be the best, since you get to dump your whole hand into your yard. Also, Narcomoeba is a great target for dread return, since you just mill them into play. Even effects like Frantic Search can be helpful. I would look through all the blue draw cards and find the ones that make you discard. Those are usually balanced out by drawing more cards (since you usually only net one, or even zero cards in hand post-resolution).
Thanks for the suggestions, VR! To be honest I'm don't think I'm going to use them because Narcomeoba is slightly out of my price-range and the card-draw spells can't be played from the graveyard. Reading your post did give me a flash of inspiration, though. Most draw spells can't be played from the graveyard, but I have Dread Returns, so I can play creatures with card drawing abilities from there. I think I've been a bit of a fool, really. I've been faffing about Dread Returning distinctly mid-powered creatures like Cephalid Sage, when clearly I should be working with Dragon Mages all the way!

I think if anybody has any bright ideas for ways to grab lands and Zombie Infestations from my graveyard, then I think I'll be just about set!
So I'm bumping this thread again because I have one question: Does anyone know of anything that can function in a dredge deck that can protect creatures from removal? Milling my last card, Dread Returning Laboratory Maniac and initiating some card-draw effect only to have my Maniac destroyed is something of a problem with this deck. The same goes for the Damia, Sage of Stones that I've included.

The only possible contender that I've been able to find is Momentary Blink, but one of the inherent problems with dredge is a lack of mana, and I rarely find myself with 4 mana open when I need it. Is there another, less mana-intensive option out there?
I've been looking at this deck again, because I came across the most beautifully perfect card for it. It's always a proud moment when you find the perfect use for a card that the Gatherer community has rated as a mere 3 stars out of 5. In this case I was c ock-a-hoop when I happened upon Immortal Coil.

It's changed the shape of the deck a little, and made Sharuum the Hegemon necessary. Here's the current list:

I'm wondering whether anyone has any other good ideas for artifacts that I can sphinx into play. It seems a bit of a shame to have Sharuum and Momentary Blink going without having a few more artifacts available.

As usual, all suggestions will be most joyously received, as long as they don't cost over £2 per card.

Cheers guys!