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What Lands are you using?

I'd consider something to allow you to grab equipment out of your deck, like SteelShaper's Gift or StoneForge Mystic or StoneHewer Giant ).

All of your Equipments are quite expensive, and I'd look at running something like Bone Saw, Shuko or BoneSplitter to help ensure you can hit the MetalCraft of Dispatch and the sacrifice Artifact clause of Kuldotha Rebirth reliably in the first few turns.

I dislike SunSpear Shikari since it doesn't get Evasion, I'd consider KiteSail Apprentice instead.

You may also want to consider SpikeShot Elder here too.

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Somewhat of a budget build. You could drop some of the artifact lands to help lower the price, maybe the Ancient Den replaced with basics. Most of the equipments are within a budget build. You could find a substitute for Cranial Plating.  I would consider dropping red altogether. There are plenty of mono white options, for the 3 or 4 red cards you want to run. Hope this helps.

Quest for the Holy Relic might help, it seems more like a casual card.
Puresteel Paladin loves living weapons, especially the cheaper ones (Mortarpod, Flayer Husk). In I'd run Sunforger with a nice array of useful 1-ofs (Mana Tithe, Wild Ricochet, etc), some burn (Lightning Helix) and Mistveil Plains to get you 1-ofs back to fetch them again with Sunforger.
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