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Name: Ferrum Pulvia Mortis (Iron Rain of Death)1

I am building a Warforged Executioner, after discovering the power of some of the components. Imagine walking down the street, knowing someone is trying to kill you. In front of you stands a Warforged, who draws 4, count 'em 4, crossbows: 2 hand crossbows, 2 from their shoulders.
(Yes, this is a bit powerfuly crazy)

Backstory to date:

Built by the House/Guild/etc, was cast out into the surrounding swamp when the Forge was shut down. The local tribe of Kobolds adopted him, and "raised" him. He spent early years helping his family raid merchant caravans. One day while he was hunting alone, some entity decimated the tribe. The Warforged scavenged what he could, and vowed eternal, unresting vengeance. As a means to his aim, he joined a Guild of Assassins, where he discovered his potential with crossbows.


Ferrum broods, and is known for extreme cunning. Moral Compass pointing far, FAR, away from "Lawful." Known to not quite kill his target, then question them about the killing of his tribe. Ferrum actually is agreeable to those who know him, other kobold tribes, and other monstrous races that have reverence of dragons.2 For these (and other) reasons, the party tends to leave him behind when they get invited to fancy parties or visits with nobility3 

My problem: This motivation seems extremely focused, though it fits his character. I intend (DM providing) to figure out what fiend killed his tribe, but then what? Why stay with the group4 once his personal goal is complete.

1) Yes, my Kobolds speak Latin. Don't yours?
2) Ferrum does worship an actual dragon. He has talked with said dragon, a black dragon who "gave" him a crossbow, on promise that it would be used against a rival dragon. Mission completed.
3) The noble swine/bum/slouch/heretic/nay-sayer/etc. may have thrown the glove, but Ferrum shot first... and then threw the noble out the window of the tower. Don't give me that look, just because my character actually did that, Ferrum already got it from the paladin, the cleric, the rogue, and the ranger. Not to mention the afore-mentioned noble's guards who saw absolutely no humor in that.
4) NEVER SPLIT THE GROUP! Even a Warforged crawling with crossbows knows this.

PS: The noble didn't die, he actually turned out to be a vile hexblade who conjured a demon to fly him away to safety. Did have a few flesh wounds, including the missing eye.

 Simple - kobold society psychologically conditions a kobold to think of itself in terms of its place in a group. A kobold without a group to be part of is not a kobold anymore. They'd completely lose their sense of self and purpose until they either adapted to being a single lone individual or found themselves a new tribe to belong to.

 He's adopted the party as his new tribe.

  This justification for why the character stays with the party is useable by any character with a tribal background or a deep-seated psychological need or cultural conditioning to be part of a larger group.


I am the Magic Man.

(Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain.)


I am the Lawnmower Man.



I am the Skull God.

(Koo Koo Ka Choo)


There are reasons they call me Mad...

Thank you! That does make sense... Best hope nopebody actually succeeds in killing a fellow PC then!
...Is it bad that I clicked on this thread expecting to see Jealousy? Surprised
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