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2X Phyrexia's Core
2X Inkmoth Nexus
4X Drowned Catacomb
7X Island
7X Swamp


4x Blighted Agent
4X Necropede
4X Plague Myr
4X Core Prowler
2X Signal Pest


4X Virulent Wound
4X Tezzeret's Gambit
2X Go For The Throat
Forbidden Alchemy


4X Contagion Engine
2X Sword of Feast And Famine


2X Tezzeret, Agent of Bolas

Evening. This is my Standard deck I've been running for a while, in multiplayer, and in one vs. one. We have started Legacy format tournaments in a group of 10, as it opens up more cards options (we're a diverse bunch), and whilst this deck works, very well in Standard, I would like help for Standard to deal with ramp and Melira, Sylvok Outcast. I'd also like perhaps some advice on a secondary win condition. Using Tezzeret to turn one of the Infectifacts into a 5/5 is fairly straightforward, but it doesn't win me friends and I've had people outright scoop after the first land because of Infect hate (for the record, I also run pauper white green human and Ezuri, Renegade Leader elves in Standard too...I don't want to win all the time!)

Much thanks, 

DCI Judge Level 1

Picked up two Inkmoth Nexus very very cheap recently, so out went two of the Phyrexia's Core.

Any love at all? 

DCI Judge Level 1

I might suggest grim affliction. Decent removal and proliferate is always good. Steel overseer doesn't have infect but can make your critters very nasty fairly quickly. Also there is a 2 mana 1/1 infect arty that gains +2/+2 when he ATT/block. I can't for the life of me remember what he is called but my friend used to tear up my board with that. And you might consider mutagenic growth as well. Can easily boost your inkmoths and so forth for a quicker win. Overall I like what you have though. More Tezz and more inkmoths might b better. They can kill you in two turns by themselves which i hate but is efficient. Hope it helps. Best of luck!
P.S. I can't link my cards sorry.
Steel Overseer isn't Standard Legal, but that would be a good card outside of Standard since you have lots of artifacts. The artifact I thin you are thinking of is Ichorclaw Myr, who is also a decent option. If you want to deal some sweet infect without even swinging, or on their turn, Livewire Lash is an option, but that require you get some targetting spells like Mutagenic Growth, Gut Shot, etc.
Ichorclaw Myr is a fantastic suggestion thanks both!

I'm loathe to add Mutagenic Growth, but in thinking, the boost gets me closer to a win than my opponent can match, so I will pick up a playset in my next order and test it out.

Tezzeret is a 3 of in my collection at the moment - worth the 3rd in the deck? 

DCI Judge Level 1

I feel like you could take more advantage of black's infect power. Hand of the Praetors is a great card, especially since you've got a decent amount of creatures. Reaper of Sheoldred is a decent pick, can finish the job pretty easily since it can't be blocked without them still taking a counter.


Phyrexian Crusuader. First strike, Infect, and pro red and white for 1BB. Enough said.
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