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Signed into Magic 2013 only to find that every single bit of progress is gone...I still have the achievements but all my campaign progress is reset, I only have the 2 starting decks unlocked as opposed to all of them, plus all the cards I unlocked are gone. Any steps to getting it back or am I just screwed?
There is no way to get your stuff back. Either pay to unlock the decks, do it all over again, or just give up playing.
Damn that sucks, always liked the game, but this game is getting shelved. Definitely the last time I buy something from Jokes of the Coast. 
Is there anything you did for this to happen because if its just a glitch i'd flip out if it happend to me
Are you the only account on the xbox? did you transfer any files or anything? also did you make sure you were signed into xbox live?
Didn't do anything as far as I can tell, it's been like a week since I last played. Was definitely signed in on xbox live (same xbox, only one I have)...I was able to check my achievements and they were all there, but the actual game itself is reset back to default as if I had just purchased it. So I was getting all the tutorial pop ups, settings reset to default, etc...
The same thing happened to me in DotP 2012... for no apparent reason... and no fix... you have to unlock everything over again... sorry, and I feel your pain.
It's 1 of this game's feature: commonly, everything will be whiped to give you the enjoyment of unlocking everything again. Fortunately, you can pay up to remove this feature for each deck.
Damn that sucks, always liked the game, but this game is getting shelved. Definitely the last time I buy something from Jokes of the Coast. 

If you bought the decks I am sure you can get them again no charge. I know on ps3 all your downloads are in your account management section. you can redownload anything you'v ever downloaded from the store, pretty much. And while what happened to you totally sucks and I can sympathize, at only 99 cents a deck, buy 5 decks if you enjoy the game. Grinding out one card a game seems like torture to me when a deck is only a dollar. Not sure why ANYONE would do it really but to each his/her own.

This just happened to me for the third time on my PS3. I don't mind losing my decks or settings, but having your ELO reset from 2000+ to 1600 for the third time stings really hard. I had my save file backed up on the Playstation Plus online folder, but restoring the save from there did nothing.
Happened to me on the 6th of August on the Steam platform. Launched the game as usual, hadn't been logged in anywhere else or done anything that could set it off, yet the game launched completely pristine and.. "vanilla". It synced to the steam cloud when I exited the game, and boohoo - all progress gone.

I wrote Steam support, since in my book, the problem lies in the cloud sync and I figured they could do a quick little rollback, I had timestamps and everything. They replied today, with an auto-reply directing me to hasbro.be as the technical support I should contact.

A week. If I had to express my sentiments regarding that experience, I would be banned from these boards permanently. My grandchildren would be forced to live in exile.

Problem is, I only wrote them out of principle. I spent 40 odd hours unlocking 8 decks, doing the challenges and all the campaign stuff, and had some fun online. I'm not unlocking them again like that, and I'll bet my firstborn that Hasbro can do about as much as the Steam supporter who handled the ticket (which amounts to absolutely nothing of value). Meaning, I will probably just spend the 8 bucks/euros or whatever, to unlock the cards.

That's one large pizza with pepperoni and cheese less this month.

It just grinds my gears, that time invested becomes worthless like that. Or should I say, time invested becomes an 8$ expense.
I had same issue with first DoTP a few years ago. Then i switched to the local storage (steam) and i have done this for 2012 version and will do for 2013. Not sure it is indeed helping, but worth a try. You can disable Steam clould for this game in its settings. Then you can just do backups of a local saves, if anything happens to a hard drive or steam installation folder. To find local saves go to J:\Steam\userdata\your_id\97330. This is the id for dotp2013.
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