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I'm looking for a bit of help on how to make something work as I haven't been around long.
I'd like to build a Standard-Lega deck that can quickly deal damage directly to my opponent while defending me from an early loss. I'd really like to take advantage of Morbid, Undying, (maybe) Bloodthirst and the ability to sacrifice creatures.

I think these cards will work well

These may work as well but I'm not as sure, I get nervous with more than 2 colors
1Hunger of the Howlpack
1Puresteel Paladin
1Nim Deathmantle
1Piston Sledge
1Goblin Gaveleer
1Gut Shot
1Brass Squire
1Woodland Sleuth
(I put 1's by each of the 'maybe' cards because i didn't want to[*c] each one is there a better way to do this?) 

I posted this in the standard deckhelp forum as well but, as it's not really far enough a long to be a deck yet I thought I could get more help here first.

I need some help, it seems like this deck will be super fun and combos should be easy, Suggestions are great!
Play Zombie Pod (a mono black deck that runs Birthing Pod). Sacrificing Geralf's Messenger to search for a Phyrexian Metamorph to either copy a Messenger, Pod, or Blood Artist is brutal.

Go to the Standard section. There is probably already a thread on this deck, if not, you could make one and ask for help. 
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