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Hi there I'm new to dming and my group has just levelled up. But I'm having some trouble with levelling I have the HOFL book as well as the dm kit. The starter set also. It all says to increase all stat checks for a level? Does that mean everyone gains +1 to every skill roll, seems a bit odd. Need any help I can get thanks
Skills, Stat checks, defenses and attack bonuses all increase by 1 on every even-numbered level.

 Anything that gets the character's half-level bonus added to it will increase by +1 every time the characters reach an even character level - at level two their 1/2 level bonus is +1, at level four it becomes +2, at 6th level it's +3, etc....

 The 1/2 level bonus represents the general life experierience gained by being an adventurer, which is why it applies to so many things...


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