D&D Essentials: Starter Kit Needed?

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I have decided to get myself D&D, but I'm not quite sure if I really want to get the Starter Kit, even though it is cheap.

I've been thinking of only getting the new generation (or what looks to be new compared to the image of the Starter Kit) Essentials (that means ALL of the Essentials), so I don't know if it's even worth getting the Starter Kit. I was also wondering if I should get just the Starter Kit and none of the Essentials because the boxes look so different.

I'm new to off-computer D&D, so I may sound like a noob. Sorry if I do.
The "Red Box" serves as a good introduction, but it is not "essential" (if you'll pardon the pun) if you plan to dive in with the rest of the Essentials line.

The Dungeon Master's Kit, Monster Vault, and one of the "Heroes of" are all you need for a complete D&D experience.  The Rules Compendium serves as an excellent reference source.

Welcome to D&D and to the community! 

All around helpful simian

Thank you, crazy_monkey, for both the answer to my dilemna and for the introduction!  :D
You are quite welcome.

Have a look at the New to D&D? Start here! thread for more information.  Have fun! 

All around helpful simian

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