Need help with ebberon Goblin pc.

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Does anyone have any interesting idea's I am dm'ing an ebberon campaign with some first-timers and they are stumped on character ideas
If the party consists entirely of Gobs/Minos/Trogs/Gnolls/ etc (the monstrous races), maybe run this almost reverse. Have the party hail from Droamm and defend from humans and elves and the like. If it is a single Goblin or a couple of them, explain Droamm (lovely place, with the Sisters and the crazy-warlord guy1) and ask them why they left a kingdom that would actually protect them for a world that will behead Goblins on site.

1) Yes, he has a name. Yes, I have actually always thought of him as the crazy-warlord guy. Thats just how it works, don't need to know the dead guy's name, heh 
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