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So far we have seen one of Velicta's greatest crime families, the twisted face of its law enforcement system and the detectives that investigate the plethora of murders that happen in the plane.

Let us now slide into the world of its rogues.

Whereas in most Magic sets rogues are primarily blue and black, in Velicta we find them located in Izzet colors. A significant part of Velicta's populace already steal and murder for personal gain; to be a "rogue" in this world means more than that -- it means that you do what you do not for the material gain but for the excitement; you plan your heists to show the world you can do it, you steal from others for the thrill it brings you.

Face in the Crowd (U)

Creature – Human Rogue
Face in the Crowd is unblockable.
A crowded street is a better cover than the thickest night.

Maniac of Cutthroat Alley (U)

Creature – Human Rogue
When Maniac of Cutthroat Alley enters the battlefield, gain control of target creature until end of turn. Untap that creature. It gains haste until end of turn and becomes a Rogue in addition to its other types until end of turn.
"Do it for me."

There is also a more collaborative angle to Velicta's rogues that separates them from the black aspect present in sets like Morningtide. This is represented by the Rogue tribal subtheme that you find in cards like Sewer Guide:

Sewer Guide (U)

Creature – Salamander Rogue
Rogue creatures you control are unblockable.
"Humans think themselves too good to use these pathways. And apparently, to guard them as well."

Or Card Counter:

Card Counter (R)

Creature – Human Rogue
You may look at the top three cards of your library.
X: Reveal the top X cards of your library and put them on the bottom in any order. Counter target spell if its converted mana cost is equal to or less than the number of Rogue cards revealed this way.

Or this lady:

Lorenza, Teacher of Thieves (R)

Legendary Creature – Human Rogue
: Target Rogue creature gets +1/+0 until end of turn.
: Switch the power and toughness of target Rogue creature you control until end of turn.
: Target Rogue creature is unblockable this turn.
: Change the targets of target spell that targets a Rogue you control.

This Rogue tribal subtheme naturally lent itself to the return of prowl:

Worthless Loot (C)

Tribal Instant – Rogue
Prowl (You may cast this for its prowl cost if you dealt combat damage to a player this turn with a Rogue.)
Destroy up to two target artifacts.
“I may be a thief, but I have standards.”

Gathering of Thieves (U)

Tribal Sorcery – Rogue
Prowl (You may cast this for its prowl cost if you dealt combat damage to a player this turn with a Rogue.)
Search your library for a Rogue card, reveal it and put it into your hand. Then shuffle your library and discard a card.

Grandest Heist (R)

Tribal Sorcery – Rogue
Prowl (You may cast this for its prowl cost if you dealt combat damage to a player this turn with a Rogue.)
Return all non-Rogue, nonland permanents to their owners’s hands.

The main difference between the way prowl is executed in this set and in Morningtide is that:

1 - Prowl appears only on noncreature spells (and in this set, only on instants and sorceries). Putting it on creatures would make players pay attention to, say, the fact of whether a creature is Human or not, which is not something I want in this set.
2 - There is no "if the prowl cost was paid" in this set. This is set 1 only (I may or may not expand it into a block) and given that the mechanic would have room to breathe, I figured I would save prowl-kicker effects to the next set.

As a side note, "Rogues and Scoundrels" is also the name of one of Velicta's intro packs. I wonder what's in it?

If you like being stealthy and showy at the same time, the “Rogues and Scoundrels” deck offers what you’re looking for. This deck likes being stealthy in order to be showy, as the various evasive Rogues present in it let you play your powerful prowl spells at minimal cost.

As said, this deck’s main strategy is to attack with its Rogues in order to get the best out of your prowl spells. It’s the easiest thing to deal damage to an opponent with this deck, particularly with the built-in ways your creatures have to do so: Merfolk Smuggler and Loudmouth Gang are difficult-to-block intimidators, while Face in the Crowd and Pickpocket Novice are outright unblockable.

To make matters easier, this deck packs plenty of removal spells to get rid of any potential blockers. A properly-timed Sentry’s Doom will kill even the largest wall, while Maniac of Cutthroat Alley is also very effective at getting blockers out of the way. Don’t hesitate to use Knifepoint Robbery to take out a potential blocker if you can’t take advantage of its prowl cost.

It’s once you hit them that the real fun begins. Steal the Blueprints gets you three new cards for only . Kidnapping gets rid of two creatures for only . Grandest Heist and Playful Arson become outright blow-outs. If you don’t know what to do, just prowl Gathering of Thieves in for a mere red mana and find the best tool for the situation!

To improve this deck, consider adding other cards that work well with Rogues from the Velicta set. Dealer of Masks can be literally any creature you want while staying a Rogue. Or maybe you would want other prowl spells like Warehouse Raid – after all, what’s better after an unblockable attack than another?


12x Island

12x Mountain



1x Lorenza, Teacher of Thieves --
1x Grandest Heist --


1x Gathering of Thieves --
2x Steal the Blueprints --
1x Playful Arson --
1x Maniac of Cutthroat Alley --
2x Face in the Crowd --
1x Sewer Guide --
1x Dagger Thrower --
2x Stillwind Marauder --
1x Brass Knuckles --


3x Knifepoint Robbery --
2x Merfolk Looter --
2x Merfolk Smuggler --
2x Kidnapping --
1x Illusionary Stalker --
1x Escape Arrest --
2x Spiked Drink --
2x Loudmouth Gang --
2x Sentry’s Doom --
2x Pickpocket Novice --
1x Outsmart --
1x Body Bag --
1x Grappling Gun --

Next time: the gangs of Velicta.

I love lorenza.
"Face in the Crowd" is such a good card name. That is all I have to say about that card. Well, other than the flavor is great.

Maniac of Cutthroat Alley - Act of Treason on a 2/2 for one more? I'm not terribly opposed to this. Pretty neutral, actually.

Sewer Guide - Your set seems to have a Tribal theme. As long as too many of your Rogues don't already have "unblockable" on them, then I suppose this is cool.

Card Counter is super cool. My only problem with it is personal. I don't like Tribal - but this is still a really interesting effect. I might play it just for the ability to look at the top three cards of my library. Because even then it's a 2/2 for 3 with a nice bonus for any control/combo deck. Plus, it has another great name.

Lorenza is pretty cool. I think she may be too strong though. . . She has colorless firebreathing, and for 1 more she can make herself or any other powered up rogue unblockable. And give them Swerve for . All on a 2/1 for 2? Perhaps I'm off, but this seems a bit over the top. My suggestion might be to require the mana be Red, or put a limit on how many of these she can activate in one turn. Or raise her cost 1 or 2. Just my thoughts though.

Worthless Loot is cute as well.

Not a big fan of Gathering of Thieves, but the flavor is nice.

Grandest Heist is awesome.

Rogues and Scoundrels is great. I really enjoyed reading your promotion.

139359831 wrote:
That is a lovely painting of Richard Garfield. It really brings out his feminine side.
Maniac of Cutthroat Alley should probably be 2/1. Card Counter is weird in that it promotes a controllish Rogue strategy. Lorenza is hideously overpowered – with that body, she ought to be . Everything else is awesome. 

Embrace imagination.

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I'm wanting to push Lorenza's power level. I guess as her cost and as the activation cost of the abilities (to use magicpablo's suggestion) would be fine?
Maniac, Guide, and Lorenza all seem awfully pushed.
They're all great, especially like Card Counter, except Gathering of Thieves seems a bit weak. Maybe drop the discard and make the Prowl cost "discard a card"?
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City of Asymmetrical Beings Land :T:, sacrifice a creature: Destroy target creature with the same converted mana cost as the sacrificed creature.
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Might I just interject that making this a meme is the worst idea in magic in my opinion. It is too overpowered. It encourages cheating it in play. Essentially 99/100 times it is cheated in play instead of hardcast. Not only that, but you essentially win when it comes into play.
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Make five-color hybrid tribal instant with buyback, kicker, cycling, card draw, token production, a steal effect, alternate casting cost and landfall that embodies the love that your mom and I share.
I think you just killed all chances of my card being elegant. Ardency :1mana::symwu::symbr: Tribal Instant - Soldier You may have target opponent gain control of 3 permanents you control rather than pay ~'s mana cost. As an additional cost to cast ~, choose two creatures you control, and sacrifice the rest. If you control a soldier, you can't sacrifice permanents this turn. Landfall - If you had a land enter the battlefield under your control this turn, instead choose 4 creatures. Kicker You get an emblem with "As long as you control both chosen creatures, they have protection from everything." If ~ was kicked, creatures you control get +1/+1 for each creature card in your graveyard until end of turn. Cycling :2mana: When you cycle ~, put two 2/2 Soldier creatures onto the battlefield. Would this EVER fit on a card?~
Aside from a few wording mishaps (should say "each chosen creature" because it's not necessarily two) this is nice. Very simple and elegant. I like the alternate cost a lot, and the kicker goes nicely with the sacrifice. However, the cycling seems a bit powerful (4 power and a card for 3? Cycling is supposed be bad. 8/10 EDIT: Just looked up "ardency". Lol.
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I'm immortalized too as long as no one deletes this post!
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Vivisect Sorcery As an additional cost to cast Vivisect, sacrifice a creature. Draw three cards. "For the sake of humanity," the surgeon whispered. The knife had never felt heavier in his hand.
I don't think a world that sacrifices so much would want to stop the making of children .
Vivisect =/= vasectomy
Now I just feel silly.
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I friggin' love Rogues and I love this. However, I would be forced to agree that Lorenza is pretty crazy. She's good even by herself!

Face in the Crowd could easily be common (See Escape Artist or Metathran Soldier), but I would understand if you're hesitant to make Prowl too easy in Limited. 
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I'm wanting to push Lorenza's power level. I guess as her cost and as the activation cost of the abilities (to use magicpablo's suggestion) would be fine?

I think so.

I actually think Guide is OK as is (maybe should cost 1 more) when comparing to Deepchannel Mentor which just outright ended games on the spot. This has a lot less guys it would apply to, but probably more aggro guys in red as well (at an estimate). Also, please say there are more Salamanders.

It's a little odd, but I think my favourite card here is Worthless Loot. Just rubs me the right way.

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