DoD: 0 - Prelude to Dawn of Defiance!

Well, I did it. I finally ran the adventure that leads my PCs to Sel Zonn station. Look out!

We ended last session with them blasting off to Brentaal IV. I'm going to be enjoying being a player for the next few weeks as one of the above-mentioned players now takes up the reigns as GM and revisits her Centrality campaign.  So, I'll probably be starting Traitor's Gambit about a month from now.

So, in my game, my PCs uncover some early evidence at Eriadu Ship Yards of the Hammertong Project. One of the PCs decides she needs to deliver this information to one of her Bothan contacts. She did so at a sabacc tournament on Taris hosted by the *other* (Noble) PC. I introduced Szygar from Queen of Air and Darkness as one of the sabacc players, and he accused *my* gambler PC (from the aforementioned Centrality game; he made a cameo as an NPC in this session) of cheating and pulled a blaster on him. The host PC had to talk him down. I thought it'd be cool to introduce Szygar and his antics in this prelude so it seems all too familiar when he pulls this stunt again in QoAaD.

Anyway, during the sabacc game, said Bothan contact got poisoned by an Imperial agent who was on to the secret exchange of the Hammertong info at the sabacc game, and the Bothan didn't make it. With his dying breath, he told the PC to deliver the Hammertong information to a woman named Maya on Sel Zonn station, and receive from her, as payment for the info, her own stolen data about another, simultaneous Imperial operation called Project Sarlacc, which is supposed to be delivered to the Bothan's patron on Alderaan.

I'm jazzed!
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Sounds like a lot of fun! This makes me want to run DoD for my group, but I want to see what happens with the game with the forum "stars" before I look at the adventures, in case of spoilers.
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