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I am looking at the compendium and trying to find all the published poisons for 4 E. it only lists 18 or 19. And none of them from the hero of shadows book?   Where can I get a complete list..  Also where do they list the ingredients and procedures for making said poisons ?
Unfortunately as far as I am aware there is no complete list of poisons anywhere, but I would love to be proven wrong in this instance

There are a few in Heroes of Shadow, and several of the alchemy recipes in the Eberron Player's handbook are poisonous. Otherwise  there are a few poisonous items scattered among various Dragon Magazine articles.
Yes but the compendium is supposed to have all the material at your finger tips. It seems a very incomplete list
I think all the current poisons are either:
compendium->items, search for "Assassin poison"
compendium->items->Alchemical items, search for "poison"

The second set are just for the Assassin (Executioner) class.

The instructions for making poisons are:
1) Alchemy Feat + Alchemy formula + Alchemy supplies + time
2) ask your GM
Red tanker. Thanks.  That helps. But it would make waaaaaay more sense   Just to list it all under poison. And then tell us the source
The problem is that poisons were implemented very inconsistently in 4E with wildly different rules; from Athasian Minstrel theme powers (which seem to require no material poison at all, somehow) to alchemical recipes to Heroes of Shadow assassin poisons...for some reason, they took suggestions from people with wildly different ideas on how poisons could look and used them ALL.
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