Card Discusion: Curse of Exhaustion

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Curse of Exhaustion

I know one card doesn't make a deck but back when I used to play cards like this were used. Why doesn't this card see more play? It is a one sided Rule of Law . I like it.
Because the only people who want to cast more than one card in a turn are decks with snapcaster?

IMAGE( Sig by zpikduM.

Because it comes down on turn 4, and by turn 4 the game has probably been decided already.

It doesn't do anything. It's like a bazillion times worse than Ethersworn Canonist.

Locks your opponent out of casting a spell for the rest of the game with Knowledge Pool.

Other than that, it's really uninteresting.
56735468 wrote:
Residual energetic and psychic emenations from the spark of planewalkers going in and out of the blind eternities like it was a windmill eventually coalesced into beings named eldrazi who by their very nature could not consume mundane sources of nourishment to sustain their existence.
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